Rally Shows the World That Hong Kongers Are Not Willing to Give Up Their Fight

The “Days and Nights of HK Protesters, Turn Grieve into Action, Fight for Our Freedom Assembly” was held at Edinburgh Place, Central at 3 PM on December 29.

The highlight of the event was the 38 x 3-metre black tapestry stating the timeline of the past six months, and the progression of Hong Kongers’ mentality from peaceful marches to all-out resistance on multiple fronts.

Participants were welcome to write down words of encouragement and their heartfelt words on the tapestry starting from 14:00. It will be sent around the world to all followers of the movement, letting them know what had happened in Hong Kong, and the fact that Hong Kongers would never give up.

The rally was kick-started by the Organiser at 15:00. And it shows that the Hongkongers are not willing to give up their fight.

Contributor: GM02

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Dec. 29, 2019