Riot Police Loses Control Over Emotions at KowloonBay

Hong Kong Riot police gathered at the podium outside of the exit of Telford Plaza around 21:40 o’clock. They searched onlookers and raised the blue flag, urging the pekple to leave peacefully.

Some residents were discontented and argued that they live here. A police officer lost control of his emotions and yelled, “So what!” He scolded bystanders and started to quarrel with them. Later, dozens of plainclothes police left the plaza.

Meanwhile, another team of riot police showed up at the podium area of phase 1 and 2 of Telford Plaza. They spoke angrily and scolded bystanders.

Later, Riot police retreated to the bus terminal. They also got into a quarrel with a middle-aged woman. A Chief Inspector yelled at and taunted civilians, “There are just two of us. If you want to prove your strength, come and fight us!”

The Hong Kong police are no longer protecting Hong Kong citizens but rather have become an extension of the CCP’s brutality and intimidation. In fact, they’re military from mainland China. The revolution must continue!

Sources: Apple Daily; RTHK; PSHK

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Dec. 29, 2019