CCP Called U.S. “China’s military threat” Statement “a thief cries ‘stop the thief’”

At Chinese Defense Ministry’s regular press conference on Dec. 26, spokesperson Wu Qian answered reporters’ questions about U.S. officials’ remarks “China’s military threat” in South China sea; “Freedom of Navigation Operations” by U.S. navy; He commented on retired PLA general’s recent remarks ” PLA can launch an attack on Taiwan and win a swift victory “.

Question: Recently, some senior US officials have made frequent statements about the so-called “China’s military threat”. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that China is seeking a “veto” over the economic and security decisions of small countries and continues to violate the sovereignty of Indo-pacific countries. US Under Secretary of Defense John Rudd said that China’s massive military spending and its growing “militarization” of the South China Sea, cyber-attack capabilities and potential capabilities in space undermine the current international order. The Commander of US Indo-Pacific Command Admiral Philip Davidson said that China is threatening “freedom of navigation” in its neighboring international waters. The US and its allies will continue “Freedom of Navigation Operations”. What is your comment?  

Answer: There is a Chinese idiom, “a thief cries ‘stop the thief’”. The groundless accusations made by some US officials against China, in my view, are criticism of the US itself. In recent years, the US has waged wars around the world and harmed the sovereignty of many countries. Its involvement has led to a large number of casualties, injuries and displacement.

The US defense budget in fiscal year 2019 is $716 billion. The recently passed National Defense Authorization Act 2020 further increases that to $738 billion, accounting for over 40% of the world’s total military expenditure. I’m wondering how can the US accuse others of having a big defense budget?

When it comes to cyber security, the US is notorious for its massive cyber espionage and cyber attacks against other countries. It has yet to provide an explanation to the international community on Edward Snowden, and is the least qualified country to point fingers at others on this issue.

As for the space, the US has established a space force and developed strong space operation capabilities, which will only intensify militarization and arms race in the space, and greatly undermine peace, security and global strategic stability.

Speaking of the international order, the US now champions unilateralism and protectionism, and keeps shirking or passing its international responsibilities and obligations. In the past two years, the US has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, the UNESCO, the UN Human Rights Council, the Iran Nuclear Deal and the INF Treaty. These behaviors help the international community see clearly that the US is the real disruptor of international order.

You also mentioned the so-called “Freedom of Navigation Operations”. I don’t think it’s a proper expression. Judging from what the US is doing in the South China Sea, it should be called “hegemony of navigation operations”. Such actions severely violate the sovereignty and security interests of littoral states, undermine peace and stability in the South China Sea, and endanger the safety of front-line service members. They are highly irresponsible and extremely dangerous.

A wrong action comes from a wrong view. The US adopts containment on China because its view of China is wrong. The US side’s excessive pursuit of its own absolute security is due to its narrow and selfish security view. And the damage it caused to the international order is an outcome of its wrong “world view”.

Cooperation benefits both China and the US, while confrontation hurts both. We hope that the US side can bear in mind the big picture, correct its mistakes, and work with the Chinese side towards the same goal to achieve non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

Question: Retired Lieutenant General Wang Hongguang, former deputy commander of the PLA Nanjing Military Area Command, said at a symposium in Beijing on last Saturday that if the mainland launches an attack on Taiwan, the PLA can soon capture the Dongying Island, Dongsha Islands and Penghu Islands. Do you agree with Lieutenant General Wang’s remarks? Does this run counter to the concept of “Peaceful Reunification and One Country, Two Systems” proposed at the fourth plenary session of the 19th CPCCC?

Answer: I will not comment on the personal views of experts and scholars. As a matter of principle, we follow the policy of peaceful reunification. We expect compatriots across the Taiwan Straits to jointly oppose and contain “Taiwan Independence”, safeguard peace and stability across the straits, and jointly promote peaceful development of cross-straits relations and the peaceful reunification of the motherland

Question: Taiwan’s military signed three quotation and acceptance documents with the US for arms purchase including F-16V fighter jets on December 13, indicating that the three arms purchase plans have entered the implementation phase. What’s your comment on that?

Answer: China is firmly opposed to arms sale to Taiwan by any foreign countries. Containing China through Taiwan will be of no effect and relying on foreign support will also be a dead end.

Question: According to think tank reports from Taiwan, by the year 2030, the PLA will have four aircraft carrier battle groups. In addition, the commissioning of China’s first home-made aircraft carrier Shandong is also closely watched by media in Taiwanese. Do you have any response to the concerns from Taiwan for the aircraft carriers?

Answer: On the future development of the aircraft carriers, we will make overall decisions based on the national security needs and equipment development.

We follow the policy of peaceful reunification and urge the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to jointly oppose and contain “Taiwan independence” and protect peace and stability across the Straits, promote peaceful development of the cross-strait relations and push forward the peaceful reunification of China

News source is from the website of Ministry of National Defense of China

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