The Farm: CCP Ownership of SCMP and Internet Censorship

Author: Halliburton

In a blatant example of CCP media control over the South China Morning Post, in a recent article, they debated on whether or not it is appropriate for the Hong Kong Police Force to use the word “cockroach” when referring to protesters. There have been countless videos where HKPF or PLA troops are yelling at children, calling them cockroaches and using another foul language. This is key in any long-term propaganda operation.

This is an excerpt from the article:

A member of Hong Kong police’s public relations unit has said the use of the word “cockroach” by officers to describe anti-government protesters should not be over-interpreted as it could actually be a compliment – a claim later contradicted by his senior who admitted the term was “not ideal”.

Mainland CCP media use the term “废青“ which means “rubbish youth” to stir up nationalist sentiment and build “organic support” for their cause. In English, we refer to this as “stirring up the base”.

The fact that this debate is even making it to SCMP in the first place is indicative of a deep and long-term brainwashing campaign in a number of critical areas. The first group that has been deeply brainwashed by the CCP are the HKPF and PLA forces that have been shown nothing but state news media for their entire lives. This is why they have no issue dehumanizing the protesters in Hong Kong by calling them cockroaches.

The HKPF sees the people of Hong Kong as “Westernized” — which makes it pretty clear what the CCP thinks of the rest of us. 

Baidu and the SCMP have been directly suppressed by the ‘content curators’ as well as having been staffed by authors that have never known true freedom in their writing. Legitimate information about these topics is never seen by search engines like Google because the same style of ‘content curation’ has been implemented, using manual and AI censorship tools to reduce readers’ exposure to content about Hong Kong. Naturally, the SCMP doesn’t hesitate to complain about the 3000+ “doxed” police officers.

The “establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police conduct and use of force during the protests” is one of the “five demands” that Hong Kongers are protesting for in the first place. (the end)

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