HK Police Mocked Citizens at Shopping Centre: “You Should Jump Off and Speak to Me!”

Hong Kong – On Boxing Day, riot police intercepted several young citizens at the New Century Plaza and asked why one of them was carrying two mobile phones. That man was subsequently released. When he was leaving, he said to the police, “There was no need to grab me!”. To which a police officer responded, “(we were) worried that you may fall!”. At around 6 pm, the riot police began leaving New Century Plaza in Mong Kok. The citizens yelled at them for entering the shopping mall and disrupting peace.

At least two young men were forced to jump off a ledge and were injured when the Police tried to arrest them in the shopping centre by for now. When a plainclothes police officer was leaving New Century Plaza, he said to the citizens watching him from the upper level of the mall,

You should jump off (the building) and speak to me!.

On Dec. 24, HK Police Barged in Yoho Mall, A Civilian Falls From Height inside the Mall (Photo: Mad Dog Daily)

Source: Apple Daily, Mad Dog Daily


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1 year ago

Atrocities in extreme fear。the dark police had never seen brave people like HK residents. They thought they were in main land China and no one would against them. However, brave HK ppl made them extreamly terrified which they had never experienced before. Therefore, dark polices’s behaviour became extreme and inhumanity,only because they are scared and shaking inside.


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