Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/27/2019

00:00—Miles has been traveling in Phoenix city and he deeply admires the natural beauty of Phoenix. He also commented on the prosperous economy of Phoenix: 250 Billion USD GDP with only 1.6 million population.

11:07—Miles thanked his friends in Phoenix for supporting our movement. He said that he was very much impressed by how up-right and how capable his phoenix supporters are. Miles said that many of his phoenix supporters are in the military business, and are doing us a great favour in helping us to exterminate the CCP. Miles said that we have to stop the CCP before they ruin the name of the Chinese people completely.

14:31—Miles was shocked by the scale of military contracting business in phoenix. He also said that as far as he knows, many military contractors are working to prepare for war with the CCP, Russia, and Iran. He also mentioned that he knew a lot of Cuban-Americans as well as Americans and Europeans who are very supportive of the Expose Revolution.

17:50—Miles again stressed that he didn’t sue Guo Baosheng because he cared about the money. Rather, Miles said it is about clearing the name for the Chinese people and upholding justice. Miles is determined to find out the people behind Guo Baosheng as well as punish them for their crimes. Miles expressed his disdain for people like Guo Baosheng, who work for the CCP in the name of democracy – such a hypocrite!

19:45—Miles said that many Chinese students are getting deported from the US because they provided false information to the US government. He also mentioned the story of two Chinese immigrants who passed their political asylum screening because they wore clothes to the interview with Miles’ name on it and are supporters of the Expose Revolution.

21:44—Miles said that he expects the US government to start a nation-wide background screening for all Chinese restaurants in the US. He also expects a new director for the Immigration epartment to be named shortly. He said that this crackdown on illegal immigration will be much harsher than those targeted at Mexicans.

23:27–Lastly, Miles said that the Chinese economy is collapsing as we speak, and that he expects a full-on-war between Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping to begin shortly. He said that he will go on broadcast at some point tomorrow to provide more clarification.

More details please watch GTV: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481
Chinese summary by GM56
Translated by GM62

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