Police Confirms Use of “Coloured Pepper Spray” in Tai Po

On the afternoon of December 26, at Tai Po Mega Mall, protestors entered stores and shouted, “Close the gate,” after achieving their objectives in their targeted restaurants.

Riot police then entered the mall to make arrests. While doing so, they deployed a pungent blue liquid at their targets. A few passers-by were shot at by the police with that liquid, including an elder.

The Police Force confirmed that the blue liquid was “dyed pepper spray”. In response to enquiries, the Police stated that “dyed pepper spray” was one of the categories of pepper spray, with its intention to easily identify identify law breakers, so that arrests could be made more efficiently.

They continued to stated that this type of spray contains the same components as the ones commonly used by police and that the dye is non-toxic, meaning no harm would be done to human bodies, and neither would it pose as a threat to public health.

Source: RTHK

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Dec. 27, 2019