Police harassed RTHK off-duty reporter and called him “thug reporter” in Kwun Tong

Dozens of masked protesters gathered at APM shopping mall in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong on the night of December 25, shouting slogans.

At around 10 pm, about 80 riot police entered and shoppers started heckling at them. Many of these shoppers were stopped and searched by police, and at least 4 were detained.

RTHK reporters recorded police pushing forward with shields, calling reporters “thug reporters” and asking, “Do you really think there’s a fourth estate?”

An off-duty RTHK reporter, not wearing a reflective vest but carrying a media badge that was already shown to police repeatedly, passed through the scene to cover the ongoing situation. An officer pointed a camera at this reporter and began filming at close proximity, as riot police was taking a man away.

Another officer told the reporter that a media badge was not a “presidential card”, called him a “thug reporter” and said reporters cannot save anyone this time, provoking laughter from the other officers.

While being searched by the police, one woman questioned their actions, to which the police responded with coarse language. Upset by the situation, some onlookers argued with the officers, who then raised their pepper spray cans at them as a warning, and pushed at the onlookers with their shields.

One man was pulled behind the police cordon to be searched. When he resisted, an officer pushed him onto a glass panel and started taunting, “Yes you’re the most righteous!” The man was later released.

Some sections of the mall were closed off by riot police. A man and a woman, both in their middle ages, asked for permission to enter a cordoned off area, but were met with insults of “middle-aged cockroaches” and “cowards” from the riot police.

Source : RTHK News

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