No Joke! CCP Says Chinese Must Say No to Christmas Because of This:

Chinese must say No to Christmas. Because, according to CCP’s latest propaganda, Christmas is a holiday in remembrance of the Eight-Nation Alliance invasion to Imperial China.

Chinese Communist Party is not satisfied with its effort of rewriting the Bible and Quran to reflect “socialist value”. It now wants to rewrite the history of Christmas, the holiday that more than 2 billion people around the world celebrate. The following post is circulating all over the Chinese social media, retweeted and liked by many people including college degree educators.

“Chinese must reject Christmas!
What is the Eight-Nation Alliance? It was a multi-national military coalition set up to invade China. The nations are as following:
Japan: 8000
Germany: 7000
Russia: 4800
Britain: 3000
United States: 2100
France: 800
Austria-Hungary: 58
Italy: 53

The historic record of Eight-Nation Alliance (ENA) invading China is such:

On the night of December 24th, 1860, ENA prepared to invade Beijing, therefore this day was named by the ENA as the “Christmas Eve”.

The following day December 25th, 1860 (Christmas Day), ENA, led by British and French troops, attacked Beijing, looted and burned down the Summer Palace, and this day was thus named by the ENA as the “Christmas Day”.

On December 26th, 1860 (Boxing Day), ENA celebrated their success over the crackdown of the Boxers Rebellion. This day was subsequently named by ENA as the “Boxing Day”.

Most Chinese do not understand the true meaning of those three days. For westerners, they are time for celebration. But for Chinese, they represent humiliation and devastation. It’s stupid and shameful for Chinese to celebrate “Christmas Eve”, “Christmas Day” and “Boxing Day”.

Do not forget the national humiliation! Remember, as Chinese, we shall love our mother country and love our nationality.”

A quick 10-second “ENA” search results in many well documented information, including this one on Wikipedia.

All of these just prove one thing, CCP is the biggest and most blatant liar ever!

[Himalaya Global]

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