Police Escort Pro-Police Supporter to Safety After Head-butting Reporter

Hong Kong – At around 9:00 PM on Christmas Day, as police were conducting a stop-and-search, a man in orange shouted, “Support the Hong Kong Police!” and attacked bystanders. Two people who tried to stop his attacks were instead arrested by the police.

The video clearly shows the man head-butting a reporter’s face and camera. A young man who was trying to pull the assailant in orange away was subdued by the police instead.

Afterwards, the assailant was escorted away to safety by the police, with the officer’s arm around the man’s shoulder.

HKPUSU PressCom issued a statement condemning any behaviour infringing press freedom. They also suspected the police of allowing the obstruction of reporters’ work. Further, they charged that the police, by repeatedly intimidating reporters with pepper spray, have become an accomplice in the erosion of press freedom in Hong Kong.

Source: Stand News; HKPUSU PressCom


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