Police Disregards Human Right of Arrested Civilians

A policeman in civilian clothes subdued a man at Shatin New Town Plaza. The officer suddenly put pepper spray on arrestee’s face, who had shouted out his name.

The reason the arrestee shouted out his own name is that he was afraid of passive suicide, that many suicide protesters allegedly were killed before they commit suicide. Alternatively, maybe he’s afraid of forced disappearance because many protesters were secretly abducted after getting arrested by the police.

Again, Hong Kong has become a Police State even in Christmas.

Nearly midnight in Mongkok, police stopped and searched citizens outside Argyle Centre. Civilians were demanded to kneel and raise their arms. Officers continued to disperse reporters on the scene, and pointed their batons and pepper sprays at them.

All of these reminds us of Nazi Germany in WWII.

But Hongkonger’s fight won’t stop.

Someone painted a Christmas tree with words, reflecting the five demands of Hong Kong people.

Source: ArmChannel; Stand News; RTHK

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Dec. 26, 2019