China bans Christmas gatherings, rewrites Bible

The Chinese authorities have been imposing more and more restrictions on Christian faith and Christmas celebrations over the years. This year, many churches in China have been ordered to cancel their Christmas gatherings.

Christmas gatherings & decoration banned

According to RFA, house churches in many provinces have been contacted by police with Christmas bans.

In some cities, Christmas decorations were no longer available in shopping malls or public places.

New state translation of the Bible will establish a ‘correct understanding’ of the text

The Chinese Communist Party is intensifying religious persecution as Christianity’s popularity grows. The government already started a five-year plan for “retranslating and annotating” the Bible, to find commonalities with socialism and establish a “correct understanding” of the text.

China has already removed all online Bible sales to control the source where people get Bible from. Once the Communist translation completes, the Chinese Christians will only have access to the fake version, which is devastating to the true believers.

“The government has orchestrated a campaign to ‘sinicise’ Christianity, to turn Christianity into a fully domesticated religion that would do the bidding of the party,” said Lian Xi, a professor at Duke University in North Carolina, who focuses on Christianity in modern China.

Despite the government’s tight controls and persecutions, protestant Christianity has been one of the fastest-growing religions in China in recent years, rising from having just three million in the 1980s to as many as an estimated 100 million.

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Dec. 25, 2019