The Farm: NYTimes used for Disinformation Warfare

Author: Halliburton

The CCP frequently slips in ‘targeted hit pieces’ against its enemies internationally. In the most recent example, the CCP essentially admits that it had sent out an Interpol (link: ) Red Notice for Miles Guo’s arrest. During the period of time that Interpol sent out this Red Notice, it was controlled by Meng Hongwei. This is a major indicator that the charges against Miles are not trustworthy. The CCP has, at times, been powerful enough to perform extraordinary rendition on hundreds of ‘suspects’ from the United States and around the world back to China through Operation Fox Hunt.

For Miles Guo, they have been forced to use other weapons to fight their battles. On December 23rd 2019, the CCP had an article manufactured for the sole purpose of discrediting Miles Guo and his relationship with Stephen K. Bannon. The New York Time

The entire piece is a complete distraction from scrutinization of the CCP. It doesn’t mention any of the differences of opinion that Miles Guo and Steve Bannon may have with the CCP. Somehow, The New York Times has escaped the scrutiny of being called ‘agitprop’.

It provides no meaningful incentivization to the reader to ask the simple question:

What is the cause of the “mutual disdain” for the Chinese Communist Party that Miles Guo and Steve Bannon share?

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1 year ago

New York Times = Fake News


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Dec. 24, 2019