CCP Regime Determined to Ease Sanctions on North Korea

At spokesperson Geng Shuang’s routine press conference on December 24th, he addressed the questions on the trilateral talk in Chengdu and recent UN resolution related to North Korea drafted by China and Russia.

Q: A question about the China-Japan-South Korea trilateral in Chengdu today. Was there discussion in the trilateral about China’s joint proposal with Russia to ease sanctions on North Korea? If there was, what was the response that China got?

A: The eighth China-Japan-ROK Leaders’ Meeting was held in Chengdu this morning. You may follow up on our press release that will soon come out.

According to the information on hand, the three leaders held an in-depth exchange of views over the Korean Peninsula situation. They reiterated that denuclearization of the Peninsula and lasting peace in Northeast Asia is a shared goal and that dialogue and consultation is the only viable way to solve the Peninsula issue. They stressed the need to resolve the issue through political and diplomatic means, strengthen the three sides’ communication and coordination on Peninsula affairs, and to play a constructive role in realizing denuclearization of the Peninsula and lasting peace in Northeast Asia.

This is all I can share at the moment.

Q: State Councilor Wang Yi talked about the Korean Peninsula issue when looking back on China’s diplomacy in 2019. He called on the US to take concrete steps as soon as possible to deliver what has been agreed in Singapore. What “concrete steps” was he referring to? Does China believe the DPRK has already implemented the Singapore consensus?

A: Not long ago, China and Russia tabled a draft resolution on the Korean Peninsula issue at the UN Security Council. Both believe that the current detention should be cherished, and the opportunity for a political settlement seized. We encourage all parties, especially the US and the DPRK, to stay committed to dialogue and consultation, move towards each other, break the deadlock as soon as possible, work for new progress in the political resolution process. At the same time, our position is clear that sanctions on the DPRK should be adjusted in light of new developments. There is explicit expression in the draft resolution by China and Russia.

We stand ready to stay in close communication with all parties to the Peninsula issue and work in concert to make progress in the political resolution, and in particular head off a dramatic reversal.

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