The Farm: The CCP’s Treatment of Dogs

Author: Halliburton

From December 5th until December 8th, some areas of Beijing instituted new laws that ordered owners of dogs over 35cm tall to “dispose” of them. Many dogs were taken to vets to be euthanized, and some were flown to the United States for safety. If owners couldn’t afford to euthanize them, they were forced to kill their own pets themselves. 

For some reason, the mistreatment of animals is an inherent problem with Communism. In the past, the CCP has encouraged citizens to eat dog meat as part of state-sponsored ‘campaigns.’ If citizens ask the government for help, they are punished. 

This video was taken in Xi’an two years ago.

They are the police! Souce

In contrast, on November 26th, 2019 the “fake news” published something accurate. President Trump signed into law a bill mainly to allow federal authorities to combat animal cruelty and torture as a federal crime.

In a recent video from Miles, he mentioned that one of his American friends believes that Wang Qishan, China’s Vice President, the biggest kleptocrat in China, is mentally unstable. This is due to the way he treats animals and encourages the people governed by the CCP to eat dog meat. Wang Qishan actually admitted that his government has now killed hundreds of millions of dogs. This is not the responsibility of government, and Wang Qishan is simply deranged. 

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