Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/23/2019

HK must keep up the resistance and not give in to the CCP. 

02:50—Miles feels that some of the HKers have lost touch of their goals: the passage of HK Human Rights Act does not mean that everything is settled. The US can only provide assistance when necessary, it is up to HK itself to keep up the resistance and not give in to the CCP. Miles mentioned what he thinks the CCP will do next: 1. Framing the protestors in an attempt to shift public debate  2. Stop the inflow of funds to financially constrain the protestors. Miles said that HK has not yet been made aware of these tactics and that if HK doesn’t listen up then there will be hell to pay.

06:25—The CCP, through its relentless persecution of Miles and his team, has given the Expose Revolution every reason to justify exterminating this evil regime. However, Miles said that before we can utilize this opportunity and make the best out of it we have to be capable enough ourselves. He also mentioned that many of the HK protesters have fallen into the traps of the CCP and started to fight among themselves, some even as far as trying to reason with HK police – notoriously known as the biggest thug in HK. It is common sense to have no trust in the government and in the police in HK, for they are nothing but running dogs for the CCP.

The core of Expose Revolution and of the HK movement is a solid financial foundation.

08:30—Miles said the reason he had to “show off” his bodyguards and his legal team is because he wants to show the world that he has the strength and capability necessary to challenge and subdue the CCP. Every year Miles spends millions of dollars just for maintenance of his private jets and yachts. If Miles didn’t have the financial foundation supporting his ambitions, he would have been taken out by the CCP long ago.

12:00—Miles lamented how cunning and cynical Wang Qishan is in encouraging the Chinese people to eat dogs. During the Cultural Revolution, leaders of the CCP often sends its men out to catch dogs for them to eat. The core of Expose Revolution and of the HK movement is a solid financial foundation. MIles wanted to show the CCP that they can not cut off his funding.

15:05—Miles stressed the importance of being willing to make sacrifices. One can not accomplish great things without first being able to handle hardships. It is also important to have the people and the money necessary for such ambitious campaigns. A key weakness of the HK movement is that they have not figured out a reliable source of funding – it is not enough to sustain the movement relying only on money raised from fundraising. The CCP has demanded the HK elites to financially starve off the movement, and even banks have stopped working with the protesters. Miles has to testify in court about his donations to the HK movement, and he will bear legal responsibilities for his words. Miles again stressed the importance of securing financial security and stability in order to keep the HK movement going.  

The most important thing for all of us is to unite together as one. 

19:00—Recently many people have requested to have Miles attend their broadcasting shows. However, because Miles is very busy and can’t attend all of the shows – and that it would be unfair if he attend some and not others – Miles has decided to stop attending any shows at all. Miles stressed again that the goal of all of our broadcasting shows is not to merely attract attention and be popular, but to spread the truths about the CCP and helping to exterminate the CCP. As such, it is important to not lose track of that imperative and get too lost into thinking only about one’s own benefits. Miles complemented Lude for his perseverance and work ethic, and encouraged everyone to look up to Lude for his exemplifying qualities and leadership.

21:36—Miles said that the success of Lude is attributed only to his own perseverance and hardwork. He said that one can not blame others for one’s own inability or incapability. He also mentioned Iron Man as an example for which people should look up to, because both him and Lube exemplifies the true virtue of self-reliance.

23:46—Miles said that he would love to see Expose Revolution supporters be successful in life and make a lot of money, however, that must and can only be accomplished under the presumption that all of us unite as one. Miles said that he doesn’t wish to see the Chinese people fight against one another anymore, because we have been doing that for far too long. It is time to forgive our differences and look past our imperfections to unite as one and fight against the CCP for they are our common enemy.

26:46—Miles said that he’s saddened to see many high-profile social clubs in the West excluding Chinese from obtaining memberships because of people like Guo Baosheng who have tainted the name of the Chinese people.

30:36—Miles said that the poor performance of Ye Ning, Smith (Guo Baosheng’s lawyer), and Zhao Yan had done the Expose Revolution a great favor. As such, he is jokingly “considering” to hire those people.

36:05—Miles said that the most important thing for all of us is to unite together as one. We should never betray one another and never use one another for one’s own benefits. We need to never turn our backs on one another and always be there for each other.

38:16—Miles said that because of the “Four Principles” of Wang Qishan, many HK protesters have been turned against one another. He urges the protesters to stay united and not fall into the traps set up for them by the CCP.

40:54—Miles said that HK and Macau are not comparable. The CCP will try to control HK at all costs and will try to do so by turning the HKers against one another. So far the CCP has been successful – many HIKers have moved abroad and fell into the BGY plan of the CCP. This will help to reduce the number of hard-liner protesters in HK, making it easier for the CCP to overpower the movement.

43:10—Miles again reminded people to not trust the banks in HK, because they all have been compromised by the CCP.  The HK police, according to Miles, can legally seize anyone’s assets indefinitely without a reason. Miles is not afraid of such tactics because he has built up a solid financial foundation over the years as well as made a good name for himself. He hopes that the HK people will listen to him and not fall into the traps of the “four principles”.  

More details please follow GTV: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/200139788

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