Brother Rain interprets CCP’s front-page news, Dec 23

Selection and commentary on the front page of People’s Daily, December 23rd, 2019

Writer: GM34 “Brother Rain”

  1. The State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China—“Guideline on creating a better development environment to support the reform and development of private-owned-enterprises”

Under this guideline, more sectors will be opened up to private-owned-enterprises. This includes telecommunication; oil and gas exploration, refinery, and storage; crude oil import and the export of refined oil products.

To boost the development of private-owned-enterprises, the government will further ease the tax burden of private firms and enhance the capability of financial institutions to serve private enterprises.

Private-owned-enterprises were also encouraged to go public or issue bonds, while the regional equity market targeting private firms will get support.

The guideline also mentioned the optimization of the legal environment, stressing the protection of private firms by law enforcement and justice departments as well as the protection of legal property of private enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The guideline also encouraged private-owned-enterprises to improve corporate governance, enhance technical innovation and industrial upgrading, and participate in the implementation of major national strategies such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated development and the Yangtze River Economic Belt.


Why does CCP issues those “opinions” at this particular period? This is because Chinese economy is now collapsing. And it is the CCP Kleptocrats to be blamed for!  To prevent it from collapsing too quickly, the CCP is issuing this “business environment improvement opinion” to “support” the private-owned enterprises. However, I am sure, it is going to be another useless policy, because the CCP itself is the problem. Unless those brutal, greedy and arrogant CCP Kleptocrats are removed, the Chinese economy would never ever recover!

2. Before December this year, 1.238 million patent applications have been submitted in China


There are so many corruptions in China’s patent application process. So do not believe those figures published by CCP. The CCP use figures to demonstrate their achievements, however, the reality could be very different, because under CCP’s rule, nothing but the CCP’s cheatings are real.

3. People’s Daily’s commentator—“We should let the creativity of private-owned enterprises to flourish”


With China’s economic lifeline becoming “family businesses” of CCP’s Kleptocrats, there is simply no room for private-owned enterprises to grow.

4. (We should) Firmly adhere to and improve the socialist party system with Chinese characteristics—Interview with ZOU Xiaodong, vice-minister of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee CCP

Comments: The socialist party system with Chinese characteristics is actually easy to understand: “To maintain CCP’s leadership position forever” in theoretical terms. The Chinese education system then brainwashes the students using those “fabricated fake theories boasting for totalitarian rule”. With more young people being influenced by such a theory, the CCP Kleptocrats believe that they will be able to enslave the Chinese people forever.

5.YANG Jiechi meets with members of the advisory committee of the Belt and Road Forum on international cooperation

Comments: Look, representative of CCP Kleptocrats is exercising BGY-plans again! Be wary of him!

6. HU Chunhua stresses—We should do a solid job the secure stable supply of pork to prevent their prices from increasing

Comments: With a vice premier working “so hard” to secure China’s pork supply, it must be a huge problem and a scandal for CCP!

7. (From People’s Forum) The prospects for China’s economic development are bright—We should strengthen our confidence in our system.

Comments: Unless the 21-century serfdom system created by CCP is completely replaced by a system that gives Chinese real democracy, freedom, and rule of law, the Chinese people shall never have any chance to unleash their creativity; nor will there be any hopes for the Chinese economy.

8. (We should) Promote the prosperity and development of demographic studies with Chinese characteristics


What is CCP going to do to promote the prosperity and development of demographic studies with Chinese characteristics? Will they focus their research on finding the most effective policy to encourage the couples to have more babies? I suggest they do the following within my joking tune: The can fire young couples who refuses to have two more babies after marriage. This policy comes into reality, that would be the exact the vice-verse of what the CCP did in the 1980s when “birth-rate control” was a the priority of the government: “If couples give birth to more than one child, they will lose their jobs in the public sector”. How ironic!

9. (We should) Create conditions to promote the emergence of China’s second demographic dividend


In the eyes of CCP Kleptocrats, China should be a country with unlimited cheap labor to be exploited by export-oriented factories to make US dollars by trading with the western industrial democracies. This model is based on unfair trade deals that put the US and other western industrial democracies at a disadvantaged position. This model also puts Chinese people at a disadvantaged position, because of their low salaries. The demographic dividend only benefits the CCP Kleptocrats and their partners in the western societies. This model is doomed to collapse.

10. The disciplines for Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games has been decided


It is time to boycott Bejing’s 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The spirit of the Olympic Games is the promotion of peace and protection for human rights. China under CCP’s rule is now such a notorious human rights abuser and even a slaughter. Under these circumstances, China under CCP’s rule should never be given this chance to hold this game. The international community should never give CCP another chance to deceive people all around the world by profiling itself as a “peaceful rising power” by hiding its threat to the western civilization through such an important event for peace-loving people all around the world. Do not forget, it was exactly in 2008 that the CCP successfully utilized the Olympic Games to promote the notorious Chinese Model marked by “low human rights, low social welfare, low payment, and dangerous pollutions” and cheated the rest of world for decades until Miles Kwok’s revolution expose woke us again.

Writer: GM34 “Brother Rain”

Editor: GM35

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