The Farm: Espionage and Spycraft, The CCP’s Global Disinformation Warfare Apparatus

Author: Halliburton

Day after day, arrest after arrest, Hong Kong slips further towards the grim reality shared by other failed states.

In Mexico for example, the President appears to have aligned himself with ruthless drug cartels to stay in power. In Iran, citizens are protesting and over 1,000 have recently been slaughtered by their tyrannical government. The government of Iran is most likely being armed by the Chinese Communist Party with their latest technology — which accounts for how they were able to capture and clone American surveillance drones years ago.

From March until September over 2,500 had been killed by the HKPF and PLA soldiers since the beginning of the Hong Kong protests in 2019, with thousands more arrested. The amount of disinformation the Chinese Communist Party has been able to generate about this ‘campaign’ has been unparalleled in human history. There are frequent “suicides” of dissenters and their families. We believe it is now impossible to get accurate counts on the number of missing or “suicided” in Hong Kong as local police reports are completely unreliable.

This video is from another CCP propagandist who leads an “anti-CCP” media outlet in the West. In reality, he is actually a “honeypot” for the CCP. Presumably, this to gather intelligence on its members or just to keep control of the opposition message.

This individual is covering for the CCP — and maybe being paid directly by them for this service. As an alternative, he could simply be brainwashed and this comes down to ideological belief. He appears to be presenting anti-CCP content, but in reality, he is just doing their bidding in spreading misinformation. Whether or not he is knowingly abetting them, this is indistinguishable from old Nazi and Soviet propaganda.

Miles has now told us that there are fake pro-democracy advocates lobbying in Washington under organizations controlled by fake asylum seekers. There are CCP-controlled “8964” (Tiananmen Square Massacre) victims groups, as well as CCP-controlled “anti-CCP” groups lobbying Washington. The CCP has also been using fake religious affiliations to seek asylum and infiltrate other organizations. The ramifications of this infiltration are very broad. It is likely that many organizations have been completely overwhelmed and compromised.

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