Tense Relations Between the Hong Kong Police and Citizens

Hong Kong citizens are dissatisfied with the riot police as the police brutality continues and even worsens.

December 22 — Nearly 18:40, Riot police suddenly pushed their cordon towards the reporters, and said that only reporters could stay on scene.

They continued pushing to the 3rd floor of the IFC Mall and blocked the small entrance on the 2nd floor and the opening on the 3rd floor platform.

Some citizens said to the police, “why don’t you come in here? Are you worried you may break things in here and have to pay for them?”, and “it’s public space outside the mall. Why can’t we stay there?”.

Police set up a cordon outside the IFC mall, as they pushed citizens and reporters into the mall.

Shoppers and reporters are literally trapped in the IFC mall as the police guard outside the premises. No security guards or people in charge of the mall are present to make any announcement. Some stores are closed, while others remain in business.

According to local news, police left at around 18:56 but it is uncertain whether the police would return.

Source from Internet.


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Dec. 22, 2019