Teenager Hit In The Head By Tear Gas Canister Finally Wakes Up After A Month In Coma

Teenager hit in the head by tear gas canister finally wakes up after a month in a coma. However, his reaction to external stimuli remains slow.

After losing both his parents and living with his brother, the 15-year-old received a traumatic blow to the head from a tear gas canister fired by the police back in November. After receiving an emergency brain surgery, the teenager surnamed Chung had since been in a coma in an intensive care unit for a month.

Mr. Zuk, the Teenager Services Director for the Evangelical Lutheran Church who has been following up Chung’s case stated that Chung has awoken from his coma and can be transferred out of the ICU. However, he still reacts slowly to external stimuli and it is difficult to estimate the progress of his rehabilitation.

Chung suffered a fracture in his parietal bone of the skull after being hit in the head by a tear gas canister. That night, he had to go through an emergency brain surgery and had to rely on a life support unit. He required a feeding tube for a full week after his surgery. Although he was in stable condition, he was in a constant coma and only woke up occasionally. His hands and head had slight responses to stimuli.



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Dec. 22, 2019