President of International Association of Lawyers Rejected From Chinese Global Lawyers Forum

President of the International Association of Lawyers rejected from Chinese Global Lawyers Forum; While the Chinese Ministry of Justice claimed “The lawyers spoke freely” in China.

The Global Lawyers Forum, organized by the Ministry of Justice of the PRC, was hosted in Guangzhou earlier this month. Jerry Roth, President of the International Association of Lawyers, was originally invited to speak at the Forum but was rejected after he submitted his speech for review.

The contents of Roth’s speech is centered around the definition of the rule of law and the importance of judicial independence. He stated that lawyers have a responsibility to protect the rule of law and other lawyers.

The International Association of Lawyers expressed disappointment towards the decision and criticized the Chinese Government for twisting the rule of law by advocating for a “Rule of Law With Chinese Style”.

The Ministry of Justice of the PRC later issued a public statement of the event, which applauded the event for being China’s first international event for lawyers. Over 57 countries and 800 groups “spoke freely” on “scientific and technological progress and legal services”, which was the theme of the Forum.

Source: Stand News


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Dec. 22, 2019