Shinjuku Singing “Glory to Hong Kong!” to Stand with HK

Shinjuku – Protests supporting the Hong Kong movement have spread across over Japan. On Dec. 21, many pro-democracy activists got together to show their support to the people of Hong Kong in Shinjuku. It’s said that it’s the last rally in 2019 for Japan, according to Lionmountains.

The song “Glory to Hong Kong!” has become the “unofficial anthem” of the anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong. You will not only hear the Charismas carol but also “Glory to Hong Kong!” across over Japan.

In the footage, those people were singing the famous song, waving Hong Kong democracy flags reading “Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now” and chanting “Five demands, Not one less”. Even in this cold winter, your heart will feel warm by their passion, courage and fearlessness. 

During the last 6 months, the people of Hong Kong stood up against the Communist Party of China, their greatest sacrifice to defend democracy, freedom and rule of law has earned more respect and support around the world. In the coming Christmas Day and New Year, we wish Hong Kong a bright, peaceful and hopeful future.

Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong!


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