[China] Two People Arrested for Sharing the Truth of Hong Kong

Author: GM65

Taiyuan, China—December 3. 57 years old Liu Shufang was arrested and detained for 10 days in a local police station just because she shared a picture of Hong Kong protests online. 

In her detention, she was verbally abused and attacked by a policewoman, and then slapped, stomped and beaten when she tried to defend herself. She was threatened and forced to recite the detention rules, or she was not allowed to have a rest at night. Liu suffered serious injuries and fear from the bullying. 

Liu Shufang exposed her experience online after her detention.

Liu’s colleague, Zhao Guodong, was arrested too for commenting that “Hong Kong helped China by donating large sums, so Chinese shouldn’t treat them with hatred…the Pro-Beijing lost the election, so CCP poured its anger onto the Chinese people”. Zhao was detained for 7 days.

Editor: GM09

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