Why Chinese Communist Party afraid of Christmas so much!

Author: Eleutheria

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…” with the joyful melodies in the air, another Christmas season is coming to town. No matter where you are or how old you are, people love it! Bright lights and sparkly decorations, Christmas tree in the house, share the tasty food with family and friends and the most exciting moment of opening gifts! Everything rhymes with the snowflakes! However, there is one nation, claimed second-biggest economy in the world, with all kinds of self-confidence, have secretly forbidden the celebration of Christmas yet still exporting its narratives through Confucius Institutions across the world.

China, under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has claimed “curing globalization and saving all mankind” has secretly decoupled the world once again culturally. Apart from CCP’s slogan all over the media and street, they have all the self-confidence in socialism, theory, state control system and culture (brainwash). What really happened showed an opposite story. Through it’s a state control system, all its departments and members (including their families) are forbidden to celebrate Christmas in the first place. After that through the education system, no school is allowed even decorations, some teachers even telling students that they should celebrate Chinese festivals and Santa Claus is fake. Besides that fact that most Chinese festivals are based on fake characters. Companies and merchants received warning from local police without written consequences which left all possibilities that people won’t dare to disobey.

But why CCP treats the joyful Christmas like a monster and desperate to keep it out? From my point of view what they afraid of is the truth, more specifically afraid of the people seeking the truth through the thread of Christmas.

The majority of people in China, especially under the age of 40 with better education, love Christmas more than any other Chinese festival, which is more than 50% of the entire population in China. Comparing to the biggest traditional festival in China, which is the Spring festival, it’s not that hard to tell the reason why.

  Christmas Spring Festival
Meaning Commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ Commemorating the defeat of monster “Nian”[1]
Decoration Colorful lights, bulbs, stars, Christmas trees, pine core, Santa, reindeer, elf, gifts, candy, Christian characters Almost everything in red, lantern, spring couplet with black or gold characters praying for wealth and happiness (usually with logos from banks and insurance company as freebies)
Melodies Joyful, relax or peaceful Noisy with most common lyrics “wish you rich.”
Tradition Friends or family gather around with home-made meal and share the Christmas spirit The family gathers around then visiting relatives one by one, eat, drink, gambling and repeat for up to 7 days.
Excitement Exchanging gifts (kids & adults) Receive money in the red pocket from elders (kids only). Fireworks are no longer available for “environmental” concern
Entertaining Holiday movies Smoking, drinking, gambling (Adult) CCP narrative entertaining over and over again for all channels (almost 300)

Nowadays, the Spring festival is getting more and more boring by repeating the routine of eating, drinking, and gambling for days from one relative to another. Kids getting the taste of materialism promoted by CCP by receiving cash in the red pocket instead of gifts. Adults (the poorer ones) usually getting frustrated preparing cash for other kids. Eventually, it becomes a festival showing off richness through the amount of cash giving out to kids, dressing, cars, and house. By the end of this festival rich kids may end up with thousands or more CNY and the poor one may get very little, anyhow the seeds of materialism have all rooted in them. Thanks to the inhumane One Child Policy [2] of CCP, this festival will be getting even more emptiness in a few years as the One Child Generation will have no relatives to visit.

On the other hand, Christmas is more fun for kids, more romantic for couples, and much more meaningful, people can all enjoy it no matter poor or rich. Besides giving kids an imaginary wonderland in the north pole and rewarding for good behaviors help to parent a lot. But kids have boxes of questions; it’s just a matter of time that they start seeking the true meaning of Christmas besides gifts and Santa, which will be the beginning to the truth, freedom, and liberty!

For more than 70 years, CCP has never stopped lying to its people and the rest of the world. What they have done is just the opposite of what they claimed. They are telling more and more lies to cover up previous ones till one day they were frightened by the liberty fire on Tiananmen square 30 years ago. Sadly CCP deceived the whole world and became a giant vampire sucking the blood of its people and aiming to take over the whole world. For decades, CCP told its people to be materialism and only have belief in CCP. As a result, there are no real religions in China. What you can see are all fake ones under the control of CCP, no matter Buddhism, Halal or Christian. Buddhism needs to swear loyalty to CCP and more like tourism interests selling tickets for entry, also telling believer pay cash to erase their sins. Monks work from 8 to 5 and after that, they are allowed to have wife and kids and live a normal life with no respect for religious disciplines. Muslim are mostly in Xinjiang and difficult to alter because of difference in langue and culture; as a result, CCP tried to genocide the whole race, captured millions in the concentration camps under the name of “reeducation center”, let solders marry local women to have mixed blood generation with mandarin education.

Christian is a different story since it’s originated from civilized countries referred to as the free world. For 70 years, CCP labeled democracy countries led by the USA as imperialism countries, build up the narrative that they are ready to conquer China and slave the Chinese people all the time until our nation getting stronger. Most people were convinced since all they can find are tampered history give all credits to CCP and kept away from the truth through Great Fire Wall. Fortunately, there still are underground Christian in China spreading the gospel but their situation is not optimistic. And when people look into the origin of Christmas, they will find and get to know Christian and so on searching for Christian and eventually find out the truth that most people in the free world are peace lovers who cherish human rights, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. None of these exists in CCP China and when people united and pursue human rights, freedom, democracy and the rule of law in real, that will be the end of the CCP regime. That’s the real deal CCP is afraid of, just like the Hongkong peaceful protest which has been last for almost half a year. I hope it will inspire the mainland Chinese to stand up and fight for their freedom! They need to realize CCP is the real monster “Nian” all along taking everything from you until the CCP eliminated people in China can celebrate the real Spring festival.

Merry Christmas to people all over the world who cherish freedom, democracy, and the rule of law!


“Nian”[1]: A monster from a Chinese tale that invading the human world until people use fireworks to defeat it.

One Child Policy[2]: In the 1980s, China has experienced a food crisis so CCP made a policy to have only one child for each family which led to millions of babies lost lives through forced abortions.


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