PLA Refused Malfunctioning Jet Landing in Hong Kong Caused Doubt

A private jet flying from Japan to Indonesia on December 18 had encountered malfunction while passing by the airspace of Hong Kong. A priority landing request was sent to Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department but was rejected.

After circling for around 30 minures, it had to change the landing airport to the Philippines.

It was understood that the landing request was rejected by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The private jet was to maintain a decent distance of 100 kilometers from Macao. During circling, the PLA sent two military planes to intercept it, spranging up dangers all around.

Civil Aviation Department also acknowledged that there was an aircraft requested to land in Hong Kong which later had to land in the Philippines. The Department did not explain further for the exact reason. Meanwhile, the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong did not respond to this inquiry.

But a Hong Kong lawmaker demanded Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department to explain whether China’s PLA had abused their power concerning Hong Kong airspace.

Regarding the People’s Liberation Army’s reported rejection of a malfunctioning jet in Hong Kong, former pilot and lawmaker Jeremy Tam pointed out the following:

  1. Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department (CAD) is responsible for control the air traffice within the airspace of Hong Kong.
  2. The jet required “priority landing” due to mechanical problem. As long as the Hong Kong airport is not closed due to security reason, it is an international practice to provide immediate assistance to emergency cases. It is against aviation safety to demand a plane with issues to fly one more hour in order to land on the Philipines.
  3. The authorities has to explain whether China’s People’s Liberation Army has abused their power, especially during Xi Jinping’s visit to Macau.

Source: Jeremy Tam’s Facebook; Apple Daily


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Dec. 21, 2019