[China] Bonus Pork for Making a 10K Deposit

By: VOG-Tina

According to several outlets in Communist China, on December 16, the Linhai Nongshang Bank Duqiao Branch in Zhejiang had an event of “bonus pork for making a deposit,” many residents nearby took pictures of the event and posted them on the internet, which has received much attention. On the photos, outside of the bank lobby, there were tens of desks put together as a makeshift “pork stand,” on which individual cuts of pork were placed, each piece had a red paper tag attached.

It is ironic that people are running after a pound of pork in the world’s No.2 GDP country. And Chinese Netizens know that the CCP regime has run out of money so it is trying to swindle money from the people. Here are some of the comments.

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