Survey Results on Pay Raise for Hong Kong Police Force

The Citizens’ Press Conference conducted a survey on public opinion towards the recently proposed resolution to raise pay for the civil services, including the Hong Kong Police Force.

Results show that nearly 99% of respondents oppose a pay raise for police, and that 92.4% agree that pay raise should be separately considered for police and for the rest of the civil services. With month after month of police misconduct and brutality, nearly 95% of respondents gave a satisfaction rating of zero out of ten for the police.

Summing up results, all statistics from our public poll clearly indicate that the proposal to raise pay for the police is completely unreasonable.

The resolution to raise pay for the police seems to be all but another stunt by Beijing’s henchmen to appease their master, and should and must reconsidered and withdrawn. The proposition of a pay raise for the Police Force and other civil services must be separated; salaries and benefits for the police force should also be frozen and/or reduced accordingly.



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Dec. 21, 2019