[China] Stoves Banned by Local Government

Author: VOG-Guitar

China has been getting a bad rep in recent years about having poor air quality, very poor air quality, especially in the winter months, and especially in major cities. The authoritarian government wants to turn that around. China must have clean air, it says. So, the government from top to bottom is working hard trying to fix the problem. If you know anything about China’s totalitarian regime, you’ll know that once they set their mind on doing something, they will stop at no length.  

Well, except, they can’t, or won’t shut down the smog-spewing cancer-causing factories that are generating foreign currencies for the kleptocrats of the CCP. Now, more than ever, China’s communist government needs every dollar these factories can generate in trade.

One rural county in Shanxi province thinks it has found the source of China’s air quality problem. A local resident of a village exposed on the social media that the authorities came around door-to-door with concrete mix and filled everyone’s cooking stoves. In another county, the authorities put government seal over people’s woks, a common practice when the government takes possession of the private property. Penalty for removing a government seal is jail. No cooking no fire, no fire no pollution. Problem solved. Everyone should be happy. Except for the villagers. They are left eating raw food and sleep in cold rooms. Is their cooking food for their families or heating their homes really the cause of the nation’s air quality problem, they wonder? They were told, who cooks food or heats the house is the enemy of the state.

Cooking food, sharing food with friends and family is a major part of Chinese culture. There is almost a food for every traditional holiday. There is even a kitchen god, which is usually plastered on the wall near the cooking stove. A kitchen is a sacred place for Chinese people. It is usually associated with a good life. Rob them of cooking, then you rob them of that little bit of happiness that is left in their lives.

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