Brother Rain interprets CCP’s front-page news, Dec 19

Selection and commentary of the front page news on People’s Daily, December 19th, 2019

Writer: GM34 “Brother Rain”

1.XI Jinping arrives in Macao

General secretary of the CCP Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and President XI Jinping arrived in Macau on the afternoon of the 18th in a special plane to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the return of Macao to the motherland and the inauguration ceremony of the fifth Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region. President XI will also inspect Macao. The chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Fernando CHUI,welcomed president XI at the airport. President XI said the both central government and the entire Chinese people are proud of the achievements and process made by Macao in the 20 years since her return to the motherland, he also said that the experience of Macao’s serious implementation of the principal of“one country, two systems” as well as Macao’s special characteristics are worth summarizing.

2.XI Jinping meets with Fernando CHUI

President XI Jinping met with the chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Fernando Chui on December 18th. President XI highly praised Fernando CHUI’s work for turning Macao into a model area for the implementation of the principal of “one country, two systems”. DING Xue Xiang also attended the meeting.


In the eyes of CCP, Macau is definitely much more “domicile”. Why Hong Kong and Macao have shown complete different attitudes towards CCP’s rule? If you look back into history, after the 12-3 incident in 1968, Macau became CCP’s “half liberated zone” where political power was transferred to pro-Beijing trade and business leaders. The Portuguese Macau government have completely lost their will to rule. The city witnessed a complete pause and even backward in political, economic and social developments from the 1970s to 1980s and finally culminates into a “Casino”.

However, the British Hong Kong government defeated the leftist riots under direct command of CCP with decisive actions, they have shown a very strong will to rule and therefore won Hong Kong people’s popularity. After deep reviewing of the causes of the leftist riots, the British Hong Kong government started to carry out profound reforms in political, economic, and social fields. This ushered in 20 years of golden age for Hong Kong and the city developed into a global financial center today.

3. President XI’s attending the ceremony of the entry of our country’s first-domestically-made aircraft carrier into navy service has caused a strong response in the whole People’ s Liberation Army(PLA)

“On December 17th, China’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier was delivered to the Navy. President XI Jinping attended the ceremony and boarded the ship for inspection. The whole PLA soldiers were informed of this piece of exciting news through newspapers, television, radio, internet and other sources, they felt exciting and encouraging”.


Many soldiers are reported to feel excited. They are so proud of this moment.  However, with CCP’s lies being unveiled, are they still willing to fight for those kleptocrats?

4. WANG Yang meets PANY Yathotou, president of National Assembly of Laos

Wang Yang said that China and Laos are good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners. In April this year, General Secretary XI Jinping and General Secretary BOUNNHANG Vorachith jointly signed a plan of action on building a community of shared future for “China and Laos”. This plan has provide important guidance for the long-term development of bilateral relations.

PANY said that under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CCP), the Chinese people have created a miracle of great development, which fully embodies the superiority of the socialist system. We are willing to deepen the traditional friendship between the two countries, learn from China’s development model and push forward the “Laos-Sino” relations in the new era.


See, the Chinese model (the advantage of low human rights), is quite popular among totalitarian and dictatorship regimes. This is CCP’s ‘greatest’ and most notorious contribution to the world development model.

5. Main takeaways on HAN Zheng’s participation in a working conference in Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD)

The Standing Committee of the Politburo of the CCP Central Committee and Vice Premier HAN Zheng participated in a working-conference in MOHURD on December 17th. HAN zheng stressed that the current real estate market is generally stable, the good results are not easily achieved. He mentioned that “maintaining stability of the real estate market is an important contribution to the steady and healthy development of the macroeconomy”. He then said that the country should stick to the principle that “housing is for living in, not speculation” and must not take real estate as a short-term stimulus to the economy.  “Long-term administrative mechanisms should be improved to regulate the property market in key areas and the housing security system should be further enhanced,” he said, adding that the housing rental market should be vigorously developed and standardized. He also stressed the importance of sustainable urban development, giving special attention to the renovation of old residential areas in urban renewal and waste sorting.


What is going to happen to China’s real estate market? Will Chinese people once again have to suffer the nationalization of their properties? Here is the nightmare: your property is nationalized by CCP, but you still have to pay the mortgage.

6. 5G plus industrial internet unleashes multiplier effects

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a promotional program, namely the “‘5G plus industrial internet’ 512 project” (hereinafter referred to as the “program”). This program puts forward that by the year 2022, China shall build five industrial public service platform, form at least 20 typical industrial application scenarios by selecting 10 key industries and foster the formation of an innovation trend for the integrated development between 5G and industrial internet.


China under CCP’s rule is leading the development of 5G technology. But the CCP does not use this technology for the benefit of mankind. On the contrary, China’s 5G giant Huawei is helping CCP to build a social-credit-system that allows CCP to more effectively monitor and controls its citizens so that any “anti-party” individuals can be quickly detected. China is also using 5G technology to build a Quantum computer that facilitates CCP’s steal of western core technologies. That is why CCP should never be given the chance to take lead in any new technologies. The same story goes for Nazi Germany’s failed invention of the nuclear bomb, or it would be a complete different story.

7. WANG Yi speaks to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei LAVROV

Wang Yi said that the mutual trust between China and Russia is becoming increasingly unbreakable, the relationship between the two countries is as solid as a rock. WANG Yi said that the United Nations is the most important international platform for Russia and China to carry out strategic cooperation and safeguard international fairness and justice. He said that China is ready to continue to coordinate closely with Russia. “The two counties support each other and shoulder the important responsibility of maintaining international peace and stability” he also added.

Sergei LAVROV congratulated Macao on the 20th anniversary of its return to China and said that the Russian side highly valued the important progress made in Russian-Sino relations this year. He expressed his readiness to continue close high-level exchanges with China and deepen strategic cooperation under the United Nations and other multilateral frameworks.  He concluded with “No one, not any force, shall be able to break the strategic mutual trust between Russia and China”.


Sincere friends never have to say “we are good friends”. Why China and Russia are so keen to let the international community know that “they are good friends”? This is because both sides do not trust each other due to historical reasons. Sino-Russian rapprochement is merely Russia’s pragmatic tactics after being sanctioned by the entire western society to punish its invasion into Ukraine in 2014.

Writer: GM34 “Brother Rain”

Editor: GM35

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