183 Days of Nebulous Clouds of Tear Gas in Hong Kong

Ever since the police launched the first tear gas canister in Admiralty on 12th June, Hong Kong has withstood 16,000 tear gas explosives in the past 6 months. Whether city centres or residential areas, tourist hotspots or commercial districts, there is no escape for all 18 districts.

Flaming tear gas canisters flying over the streets, bursting out gusts of thick, stinging, toxic vapours have become the daily scenery on many of our familiar streets. Some protesters douse them off bravely, some get used to them, some toss them back at the assailants. These images make up the collective memories of Hongkongers from the hot summer to the harsh winter of 2019. The adverse effects from such excessive use of tear gas are still unclear, but most Hongkongers have already encountered a smothering taste of this tear-jerking smoke.

Again, let’s be clear, this is not a game but reality.

Source: Stand News


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Dec. 18, 2019