Chinese Responses When US Rejects VISAs of two CCP Journalists

Author: VOG-Tina

At 12:07 pm on December 16, Beijing Time, the Weibo account @paingod posted a Weibo: Shit, my visa application was denied by the US Embassy in China. This Weibo was liked and retweeted by many, and he replied to @Fan Lingzhi: And I laughed at you before. This Weibo post also received much attention.

Why is this Weibo so hot? I did some digging and found that Fan Lingzhi is a reporter for the Global Times, so who is this ‘paingod’? After more digging, I discovered that the Weibo account @paingod is a member of the core propaganda force for the Chinese Communist Party, dubbed as one of the three evils of the Global Times by the netizens, he is the deputy director of the news media department of the Global Times, named Hao Yanshi (internet nickname: Cheating Director).

IDs covered to protect these people.

And someone commented on Twitter: Pompeo is still too honest. If it were me, I’d give you the visa, and then tell the Customs and Border Protection officer to not let this xx into the country.

Editor: GM09

Source: GNews-CN

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