Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/17/2019

04:44 – Miles arrived at Washington DC yesterday morning, and announced one bad news and two good news. The bad news is: The Exposé Revolution had dropped its popularity ranking from 3rd ranking to 4th ranking.
The first three popular events are: 1. President Trump’s Impeachment; 2. Hong Kong Crisis; and 3. Sino-US relationship.

06:09 – The two good news are:

  1. The Hong Kong matter has now gained attention from various levels in the US. People started to realize that Hong Kong matter is not just the issue of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s resistance is actually the confrontation of the West against the CCP;
  2. For the first time since the start of our Exposé Revolution, the American magnates offered funds to support the US think tanks to investigate the CCP. These funds will be available by the end of this month or the beginning of next month. And the investigation outcomes can be expected by the coming March or April.

08:35 – The crisis in Hong Kong should be the most focused matter by our Exposé Revolution, as it has an incomparable impact on overthrowing the CCP. Hong Kong is the unsinkable carrier that is most trusted by the West in Asia, and is the channel that connects China with the West.

10:30 – Brother-in-arms please spread the truth about the crisis in Hong Kong.

Link: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/199993197
Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by Wen Cha
Posted by GM10

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1 year ago

God bless you, Miles!


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Dec. 17, 2019