Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/16/2019

The most recent exposés were too much to understand for our friends, this proves our friends are very normal people.
3:30—(In a joking tone) since the broadcast yesterday and the day before, our friends have changed the way we greet each other.
04:45—The videos sent by our friends in Hainan were much appreciated. (Regrettably) many professional inquiries by our female supporters could not be answered. Surprisingly, Mr. Lude was not scared after watching the post-processed video.
06:15—Years ago, Li You ended up in hospital after playing… exotic adult games with Hu Shuli
12:12—The exposés of the last two days were too graphic for many friends, this proves our friends are very normal people
07:54—All leaders of the CCP love to enjoy their time with Ephedrine shots.

Miles’ philosophy of life
07:10—Miles once had a conversation with Dalai Lama, where they talked about how everything comes and goes in its own time, the more you take, the shorter it lasts, and vice versa. Miles explained that Life is like a bowl of clean water, depending on what one chooses to add in it, the water becomes either cleaner or dirtier. Those who support the Whistleblowing Revolution understands the wisdom of our movement and the divine power of goodness.

Miles‘ plan for the next few days and future expansion plans for Gmedia.
14:06—In the afternoon there are two important meetings that Miles has to attend in DC, and in the evening, there is another hearing to attend.

14:18—Tomorrow or the day after the Guo Baosheng case will be held in court, Ye Ning and Smith will be his lawyers.

14:50—There will be two important meetings tomorrow evening, and one more on the day after.

15:24— Miles is going to court in Virginia for two days to testify for those Xinjiang videos and the sign related legal documents.

15:57—Washington DC is the center of the world’s political power, a key factor in destroying the CCP is the location of their demise.

16:15—Gnews and GTV are working very well. Yesterday there were 460k viewers watching the broadcast live. Gmedia will have a DC office and multiple news stations, but the HQ is still in New York. Overseas institutions and their employees who are partners-in-crime with the CCP Bandits will be punished by their local authorities according to relevant anti-spy laws.

America and other countries are going to investigate those organizations and their staff who work with CCP.

17:49—People have been assigned to keep watch on losers such as “Turkey Gong”, Zhao Yan, Guo Baosheng, Xia Yeliang and Li Hongkuan, they can be exposed at any moment. The Americans will prosecute Ho Pin from Mirror Media for spreading fake news about Hong Kong protests.

20:00—Anyone at Boxun News and Mirror Media who took CCP’s money will face punishment from the US government. Anyone who supports Hong Kongers being brutalized will be punished no matter where they might be hiding in the world.

21:31—The case against Guo Baosheng is just beginning, he (Guo Baosheng) is planning to have this wife to cry in court to win sympathy, he also plans to find a bunch of thugs to do some… thuggish stuff, one of them is Xinuo. Miles is expecting that court in the new China will be a place accepted by all, and a serious and respected place.

23:50—American court is not a place that gives you fairness and justice, it is a place for solving problems. It is not always fair and true, but the evidence is the only basis of reasoning there. The funny part about the CCP’s court is that it claims to represent the truth and facts. The court in mainland China is once again giving Mile’s chief managers a hard time.
26:25—Miles has spent over $700k on the Guo Baosheng case, and will continue at all costs. Guo Baosheng is even letting his daughter, who is still a minor, to show her face in the public, and he also made threats against friends who support Whistleblowing Revolution. Recently Sasha Gong has again defrauded over $100k. Miles vows to get them. Both the small villain and tiny villain will be taken care of.

29:50—DC has increased manpower to investigate those Chinese-American con artists, Flushing Chinatown will be punished. It is not permitted for that place to become a breeding ground for gangsters and racism. Chinatown is the thieves’ den for the CCP. Preserving the imaging of overseas Chinese must be done, to prevent us from heading towards darkness. Only by destroying the CCP can the Chinese have a brighter future. Also, these “imps” of the CCP must be eliminated too, they were the garbage created by Wang Qishan’s “spiritual cultivation”.

34:15—People at CNBC think that all Chinese people support the CCP, own land, and are members of the Communist Party. Bannon convinced them otherwise, through heated debate. Many at CNBC act just like Ho Pin, many westerners have a wrong view on China. We will release a report to correct their knowledge of China and CCP.

Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by GM54
Posted by GM10

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