The Farm: Espionage and Spycraft: CCP’s Information Warfare in Action


At the Center for Strategic and International Studies on December 12th, David Stilwell gave a speech, largely on the substance of cooperation, assistance, and goodwill shown by the West in its dealings with the entire country of China. As questions open up — a series of completely diversionary points are brought up by the vast majority of reporters in the crowd. This includes many unrelated questions on the upcoming election in Taiwan, relations between Sweden and China, and North Korea. This is a small window into the systemic infiltration of mainstream media news outlets by the CCP. It’s likely that those audience members asking these questions are unaware of the small role they play in the larger CCP strategy.

After the event, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Hua Chunying, took a hardline and combative stance on the relationship in the speech. She claimed that the United States has never helped the Chinese people, and has not acted in good faith — which is patently untrue given the presentation by Mr. Stilwell. Higher education in the United States has openly helped countless Chinese citizens earn gainful employment here. By openly sharing our technological advancements, the United States has openly helped the rest of the world. Our institutions have provided nothing but open arms to the Chinese people — and yet the CCP would have you believe, in their rewritten version of history, that the United States is the sworn enemy of the Chinese people.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Denied Remarks About U.S. Assistance To China’s Development

This weaponization of information — that we take her comments at face value and rarely, if ever, look behind the curtain is the CCP’s Superweapon. This has given the CCP the ability to stay masked behind virtual armies of ever more advanced “wumao” (50-cents per post) that post confusing content on the internet that Americans read and believe. Distortion and distraction are the tools that enable the silent acquisition of global power and influence. The CCP has frequently used the nuclear ambitions of client states like North Korea to proxy that distraction.

The CCP, by acknowledging that it has agreed to trade deal terms set by President Trump, has capitulated. This “Twitter agreement” only temporarily suspends the impending increase of tariffs — it does nothing to stop the existing tariffs and trade exclusions. It also does nothing to curb the fear of the business community in being too reliant on the CCP as a part of the Western supply chain.

The CCP was unable to increase purchases of agricultural products during the year because it didn’t, and does not have the available funds. Expect to see the CCP renege on its end of the bargain again, and for tariffs to go up. There will be no deal if the terms of the deal are unenforceable because the United States recognizes the CCP as a peer.

This is why the CCP contributes to altering our national discourse. This is so that the people of the United States don’t see. The very idea that white supremacy played a role in the detention of Meng Wanzhou (the CFO of Huawei) is an indicator that the CCP has arrived in our language. Meng Wanzhou was charged with “bank fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracies to commit bank and wire fraud” for a variety of crimes. In sum, with its current ties to the CCP military and intelligence apparatus, Huawei is a simply a next-generation Trojan horse masquerading as faster internet.

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1 year ago

Com’on Miles you are better than this, there is no Human Province in China, there is only Hunan Province. You need a better editor my friend.


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