The Farm: The Early Recovery of The World Bank

According to NPR, the recently appointed President of the World Bank, David Malpass “has frequently complained about corruption and mismanagement at the agency.” Apparently, as a global institution, it was hastily corrupted by the CCP.

David Malpass

As the largest shareholder in the World Bank, the United States appoints the President of the institution. In February of 2019, President Trump appointed the noteworthy critic Mr. Malpass to manage the organization. We suspect he has already gotten to work on cleaning up the rampant corruption that allowed the World Bank to have loans on its books for concentration camps in Xinjiang.

This should leave the reader with a few brief questions:

What administration(s) enabled the corruption of the World Bank in the first place? We suspect this policy transcended multiple administrations.

Is this an indicator that President Trump is indeed solving problems most of us were unaware existed?

Why, if this organization was so corrupt, was its leader from 2007-2012 — Robert Zoellick — given a recent Twitter board seat? Even CCP propaganda outlets give Zoellick the appearance of an outlet for his ideas on corruption. To clarify, no one wants to ‘contain China’ but the world must contain the CCP.

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Dec. 16, 2019