Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/15/2019

The “double practice” is an important piece of evidence that we will use to prove the not only is the CCP an evil organization, it is also a cult with ideology roots whose members engage in unspeakable rituals. Wang Qishan is the head of this cult in advocating the “double practice”.
01:04–Our broadcast yesterday was quite sobering for many. Many people couldn’t believe all the sexual scandals and violence that Miles exposed about the main antagonist yesterday, “Double Practice Chen”. And it is completely understandable for people to feel shocked because no normal human being engages in those kinds of acts.

04:08–The reason that Expose Revolution has set a timeline of 2-3 years is that we need to first wake the word about the CCP’s true absurdity before we unite forces to exterminate the CCP. We want to have more people to be aware of the CCP’s evil, and the internationalization of Lude’s show is a milestone in our progress towards that goal.

07:44–Miles explained that his broadcast yesterday was built upon his exposing in the past two years.

08:55–The “double practice” that Chen Feng prescribes to has nothing to do with the Tibetan Buddhism.

10:05-Is Chen Feng really doing the “double practice”? The Lotus Buddha was prosecuted and almost got exterminated in India. Yet when it spread to Tibet it became instantly popular and was used as an excuse by the top CCP party officials to cover up their promiscuous lifestyle.

12:06–After the 18th party congress, those would-be-arrested CCP officials all had a new crime in their allegations: “double practice”. It is weaponized specifically so that Wang and his allies can use it to take out the other top-ranking officials. Wang Qishan claims to be the successor of Nan Huaijin, and is the holiness of this cult.

The RYB Kindergarten is a major hub for the CCP official to select young girls for them so that they could engage in “double practice” and sexually abuse and assault these innocent young children. (sounds like pedophiles to me, anyone?)
20:00–Under Wang’s discretion, RYB prospered and even went public in NYSE. The boss behind RYB is Meng Jianzhu. Miles also said that a lot of actors and actresses had been “double practiced” even before they turned 16. Only after they had been “double practiced” will they be allowed to make a carried in film.

22:50–Wang Qishan is the “your holiness” in this cult, it is headquartered in Hainan province, or “peach blossom island” as some might call it. A lot of the cult’s leaders live there. RYB refers to virgins under 16. A lot of actors and actresses became famous at a very young age very suddenly, and it is all because they had been “doubled practiced” by powerful CCP bureaucrats.

25:30–A lot of people arrested by Wang had the crime pruriency charged against them because those people are kinda aware of the entire scheme behind the so-called “double practice”. Xiao Jianhua, for example, supported a lot of modeling companies while he was in power. The “double practice” is a tactical play by CCP to control the Buddhist religion.

27:45–Miles said that he criticized Tibetan Buddhism when he had the chance to talk with the Dali Lama. Miles said that he is a devote Buddhist but he thinks that Buddhism under CCP has been tainted and twisted. Miles also said that all of Wang Jian’s friends and family are Buddhist, but they only use it to avoid feeling shameful for what they have done. Chen Feng is a psychopath and his so-called “double practice” is also nothing more than excuses for being a pedophile.

31:50–Miles’ opinion: the reproductive organs of women are sacred, it is key to where we came from and where we are headed. And it is up to everyone to treat women with the respect that they deserve. But no matter what, even under the name of “double practice”, it is both morally corrupt and legally prohibited to sexually abuse and assault women ages between 8 and 14 years old. Miles said that if you are truly a Buddhist then you will know that you will suffer karmas for your abuses.

35:20–Wang Qishan, “the Lord of the Darkness”, has trained a lot of white gloves and corrupt officials in Hainan, one of those people is Pan shiyi. If we think that “double practice” is morally correct then we should no longer deserve to live in this world.

37:40–The CCP is a cult, and Wang Qishan is widely accepted to be the holiness of this cult. Miles once asked the Dali Lama whether he has superhuman skills and whether he has engaged in “double practice”, and the Dali Lama said no to both. The so-called “double practice” of the CCP is nothing more than a front for their pedophile acts and desires. Sun Lijun definitely engages in double practice

Wang and Chen used the name of Buddhism to speed pruriency, Chen is not a double practitioner but a pedophile.
41:01–Miles dared the CCP to sue him in US courts about the RYB kindergarten, and said that if they don’t have the balls to sue him then it proves that he is right. Miles criticized HNA for doing so much double practice but never earned a penny. Wang’s underwear had scriptures and curses written all over it and all the girls that had been double practiced all disappeared.

42:12–Not long after Wang’s death his family started fighting for inheritance. His family won’t even look at his dead corpses and had it transported to Seattle. Miles that he will put our picture later to show that Wang literally looked like a mummy when he died.

45:00–Wang Qishan has a lot of people and their family being jailed and killed in the name of pruriency

47:16–The day that Miles opens his pandora box and the day that he publicize the Nan Putuo conference is the day that Wang Qishan and his allies get wiped out of the face of the earth.

48:15–Xiang Junbo’s best friend is Chen Feng, Wang Jian, and they all got into doubles practice and ended up being exterminated because they were apparently too “promiscuous”.

50:05–Miles said that compared to double practice and the CCP cult, Game of Thrones seems like a joke. Wang Qishan and his allies are playing the entire world, and they can “double practice” whoever they want.

52:45–Miles said that he will never talk for Tibetans again if they still think that “double practice” is morally correct after what was said here today. Miles said that anybody wishing to embrace “double practice” will be risking enraging the lord and facing karmas.

55:20–Wang and Chen spreads their cult and their sociopathic-pedophilic sexual practices in the name of Buddhism. Miles said that his solution to life is definitely not double practice. He advocates for treating others just as you would like to be treated.

58:06–Yang Jiechi frequently rapes underage virgin girls for his double practice. Wang Qishan keeps secret recordings of everybody’s double practice session to blackmail them into being his running dogs.

58:48–Miles said that no matter what your beliefs are, you should know that it is not morally acceptable to build your gains on other’s suffering. He gains exposed Chen Yun’s true nature as a sociopathic rapist pedophile and a fake double practitioner.

59:50–Chen Yun has not made a single penny in real income for HNA, all he did was borrow hundreds of billions of dollars from the bank. The HNA grown over 200000 times over the course of just 1000 days, and it would not have been possible without Wang Qishan’s support.

60:36–The RYB kindergarten is a key element of Wang Qishan’s “rule by penis”, supplying him with innocent teenage girls. Miles called on the Tibetan Buddhism communists to resist the so-called “double practice” and fall into the traps of Wang Qishan and Chen Feng.

62:30–Miles urged everyone to spend extra time to understand how Wang Qishan and Chen Feng used “double practice” and acting like a cult to control everyone who has ever had a “double practice” session.

63:50–Miles explained again that the Expose Revolution is not just another TV show wishing to entertain you. We are here to make sure that you and the 90 million CCP members understand who is the CCP’s rulers and what devils they truly are so that everyone can make an informed decision about whether they can tolerate and be bystanders when such grave crimes have been committed.

Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by GM62
Posted by GM10

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