HK Protest: Notes from the reporters on the scene from Dec. 15 to 16

Witnesses Described Police “Arrest Anyone as They Please.”

On December 15, at around 16:50, in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, during confrontations in the shopping mall, two believed to be journalists fell to the ground and suffered from eye injuries. Earlier sources claimed that the recently-promoted Assistant Police Commissioner Rupert Dover was also present at the scene.

In Citylink, some pulled down billboards to block major gates. A few plainclothes officers arrived, subduing one, and was followed by a large group of riot police, arresting four. Witnesses described the police as “arresting anyone as they pleased.” The police continued to use pepper spray inside the mall.

When Asked for the Arrestee’s Name, Police: His Name is Cockroach

On December 16, at around 1:51 am, in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, at the intersection of Shan Tung Street and Portland Street, a man was arrested and his hands were zip-tied. When bystanders asked him for his name, the police replied, “His name is Cockroach”.

Riot Police Make Arrest in Restaurant and Threaten to Arrest Reporters

At 1:48 am, the Raptors unit budged into a restaurant in Mong Kok and subdued civilians at the scene. 

1:49 am, Riot Police intimidated and yelled at the reporters in an extremely harsh tone, “Move away, or we will arrest you!” 

1:54 am, Police pointed their guns at the bystanders and reporters. 

2:06 am, police charged forward and yelled, “Pleading for help already? Losers!” 


Source: Guardians of Hong Kong

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Dec. 16, 2019