Hong Kong: Health problems due to tear gas

December 15 — In Mongkok, Hong Kong, an elderly, who was back from work, was sent to hospital after inhaling in tear gas. He suffered from asthma and “Three highs”, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Hyperglycemia.

Since the outbreak of the protests in Hong Kong, a considerable number of Hong Kong people have been suffering from tear gas, both physically and mentally.

On December 3, a 65-year-old activist, Wing Lee, passed away after breathing in tear gas on November 21. Mr. Lee suffered from heart disease and was scheduled to have an angioplasty surgery.

Today in Mongkok, an old lady yelling and telling the police she suffers from heart problems and asked to be gentle with her. She was then questioned about that before pulling out the medical papers to show that she was telling the truth. But with papers in her hand, the police were basically telling her “what the xxx are you flinging those papers for?”

That Hong Kong police, in fact, most of them are not true Hong Kong police as before but military from the mainland, show no mercy to Hong Kong people, no matter elder or younger.

It’s questioned that the tear gas currently used by the Hong Kong police contains excessive amounts of toxic and harmful gases. The casual and heavy use of tear gas by the Hong Kong police has made air pollution in Hong Kong cities worrying and the health of Hong Kong people worrying.



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Dec. 15, 2019