[China]Anti-Christmas movement in schools

Qingdao, China—December 13, Qixin Elementary School had an assembly with the theme of “Promote Traditional Culture, Reject Western Holidays.” Student representatives made a speech calling for nationalism by understanding the Chinese history, celebrating traditional festivals, increasing cultural confidence and rejecting western holiday celebrations. 

In the past few years, almost every year around the Christmas season, CCP’s propaganda machine would promote such concepts through the mouths of teachers in schools and universities.


Education and media have been their tools to brainwash the students as well as parents. CCP’s biggest fear is to let the kids know the religious background of the holidays and the human rights and democracy thoughts associated with the celebrations. A short video shows a middle school teacher blaming her students for only remembering December 25 as Christmas Day, but not knowing December 26 as the birthday of “Chairman Mao”. Those students probably had no specific idea of what Christmas was about, just like they almost didn’t know anything about the disastrous decade of the Cultural Revolution when millions of innocent Chinese were killed or starved, and the real Chinese culture and traditions were destroyed and lost. 

Ironically, the CCP ruling class used Marxism-Leninism as their founding theoretical foundation. And now, most of, if not all of, their family and assets are moved to the western liberal world, leaving the Chinese people to continue to be brainwashed and oppressed. 

Editor’s words: In the above footage, students laughed when the teacher was seriously saying that “Dec 26 is Mao’s birthday.” Their innocent minds reject this kind of movement at the beginning. However, they are still children. How long can their hearts resist under this evil system?

Author: GM65

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Editor: GM09

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