Swedish parliament members: expel​ Chinese ambassador

Two of the opposition parties in the Riksdag asked to expel Chinese ambassador Gui Congyou for directly threatening Sweden as a result of the “Guiminhai incident”. This is sending a strong signal that Western world is about to abandon its “naive” foreign policy towards China.

China’s ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou

In Sweden, two opposition parties Christian Democrats party and Left Party demanded that China’s ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou be declared an “unwelcome person” and deported.

On Dec 4th, Gui Congyou announced at an event at the University of Gothenburg that China would impose trade sanctions on Sweden because of a Swedish award to Gui Minhai, the owner of the Causeway Bookstore.

Gui Minhai was abducted to China and made a public confession on TV

Gui Minhai is a Swedish-Chinese scholar and writer. In 2015, the shareholders and employees of the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Hong Kong were abducted by the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Gui was one of them and publicly confessed his crime on Chinese national television.

Göran Lindblad, the former vice-president of Sweden to the European Commission, told the media: “Gui Congyou repeatedly issued statements in violations of human rights and freedom of expression in Sweden. He even threatened to impose trade sanctions on Sweden. This is an example of China’s aggessiveness for its global expansion. But Sweden and other democracies have always been naive about communist China. Now some members of Sweden can directly see the nature of the CCP regime through Gui Congyou. This is a good thing. It’s time to stop being naive.”

Sweden had expelled Chinese counselors and a first-class secretary in Sweden after the Chinese pro-democracy students movement in 1989, because the Chinese embassy secretly recorded and threatened the students who protested in front of the Chinese embassy after the June 4th Massacre on Tiananmen Square.

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Dec. 14, 2019