Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/14/2019

11:06—How Wang Jian died through this “fourth way of death” was truly horrendous. Four of the photos had Mr. Lude feeling terrified.

13:00—We have not heard from our first Hong Kong friends who went to Wangjian’s crime scene for more than a year.

14:03—It was very difficult to get hold of photos related to Wang Jian’s death, as they were in the hands of very few people. We must not overlook these pieces of valuable evidence of the CCP’s evil, because of how difficult it was to acquire them.

15:06—Miles agreed to many terms in order to get the most recent pieces of evidence of Wang Jian’s death.

15:40—The most horrific part of Wang Jian’s death is not the look of the corpse, but what his death could reveal about the CCP’s most secretly guarded dark secrets.

16:14—The cause of Wang Jian’s death spanned across the entire humanity, from those at the bottom of the hierarchy all the way to those at the top, Wang’s death implicates a vast web of people and involves a tremendous amount of wealth and power.

17:04—The red T-shirt and underwear worn by Wang Jian were all carefully chosen. Miles was shocked when he saw all the evidence. Wang Jian’s death had absolutely terrified the chief of Hainan police department, he was astounded that people could die in such a manner, and he felt relieved to have already passed on everything Wang Jian left for him.

21:20—Miles commented on how there is a great price to pay for being extremely wealthy or ranked at the top of the aristocracy (in communism China). Everything about the Communist Party is fake, their only truth is their falsehood. The Chinese government can go to another country to create forged legal documents and making them look so authentic.

23:12—Wang Jian’s body could have been cremated or transported away right there and then. During the first autopsy, it was reported that lethal toxin was injected into Wang Jian’s upper arm. For the second autopsy, the forensic doctor got changed and the report said something to the effect of “it was fine”. This evidence (toxin) was completely erased from the third autopsy report.

25:38—From the video footage of the forensic autopsy, you can see that Wang Jian’s internal organs had all turned into green; even the color of his brain was abnormal.  It was obvious that the side of this leg was rotten, which is so obvious even seeing with our bare eyes.  And yet the autopsy reports’ findings were all normal. Wang Jian’s family members and all the people at the site all said everything’s normal.

29:13—From the video footage, Miles saw that Wang Jian’s internal organs had all turned into emerald-green, his brain had turned into dark green, his blood was solidified and in black, and two large contusions on his feet

30:01—Hu Shuli’s relationship with Wang Qishan and Li You is not simple.  It was Hu Shuli who first announced Wang’s death, and concluded the cause of death.  She is also the source that leaked the Xi Jinping family’s wealth and scandals.

31:10—It was Hu Shuli who first reported that Wang Jian suffered pain in his foot.  This is not a joke and is not that simple.

Wang Qishan(left), Vice President of PRC, alleged to have killed Wang Jian. Hu Shuli(right), Wang’s best friend, founder of Caixin Media, the first piece of news of Wang Jian’s death is written by her, says Wang Jian fell/jumped down of a wall.

31:34—The CCP officials arrived at Wang Jian’s death scene within 20 hours.  Within three days, while the autopsy investigation was still undergoing, and no results were issued yet, Wang Jian’s death had already been defined as an accident.  The CCP officials right away demand (French) local officials to produce all the materials and information on fingerprints and physical characteristics within 2 days, and they took everything with them.

32:53 – There were three or four people, including Meng Hongwei, who were stationed at the scene to supervise all the process.  The time that Hu Shuli reported Wang Jian’s death was the time when Wang’s family members arrived at the scene.

Meng Hongwei, former head of INTERPOL, arrested by CCP, missing now.

34:08 – A friend of mine, who was with the Hainan Security Department, was with Meng Jianzhu on that day.  Meng commented that Wang Jian’s death solved many problems and uncertainties.  Sun Lijun said that he would take good care of Wang’s family members.  Chen Feng also said arrangements (for his wang’s family)would be made.

35:27 – Before his death, Wang Jian said (to someone) if Chen Feng would not fulfill his promise after his death, this person will release all these materials.

36:30 – Chen Feng was having his good tie with a very young female celebrity when he was watching the live video of Wang Jian’s autopsy.

HNA chairmen, Chen Feng(left) and Wang Jian(right, dead)

41.31 – Chen Feng used Hainan Airlines to screen beauties.

42:45 – There’s a difference between the followers of Wang Qishan and the followers of Xi Jinping.  They (the followers of Wang) are not human beings anymore, they are demons, and are challenging the justice and conscience of the world.  When the demon declares any opponents as their enemies, these opponents should all be considered as heroes, no doubt about it.

45:46 – Wang Jian’s family decided to take Wang’s internal organs back to Seattle.  They were very calm.  A week later, they started to scramble for properties including life insurance.

46:30 – Before Wang Jian’s death, there’s a connection between Wang and Lu Zhihe of Macao and many family members of Standing Committees.  Wang Jian was killed by his desire for power and money.  He left all this wealth to others, which would become curses to these people.

47:53 – Information from Wang Jian’s mobile phone implicates a vast number of people.

50:00-The celebrities everyone loves all have gotten their fame and fortune through dealing with HNA, and on the beds of the senior party leaders. Hainan Province is the “backstage” of the entire movie and acting business in China, this is also why many movie studios are going to bankrupt. Saying that the CCP rules through reproductive organs are already putting it very mildly.

1:00:02- Over just 1000 days, HNA grew by a factor of 200000. How many government officials, political figures and how many deals were connected to this 200000 times growth? How many celebrities who are still kids had their bodies ruined by them? Their lifestyle is just unimaginable for ordinary people.

58:24-On one hand, the kleptocrats are figuring out which government officials should they arrest or promote, and on the other hand they are looking at young girls whom they have abused beyond saving. Hainan Province is really the den of evil, it has become a free island for Wang Qishan and the kleptocrats. No matter which bank CEO who goes to Hainan Province, they would answer to Wang Qishan, and the CCDI under his command, next to the CCDI is Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, and the MSS and MPS, no one dares to disobey. People in China Development Bank all got arrested, if they are not cooperative, they won’t even get to be sent to Qincheng Prison, instead, they will be locked up in Inner Mongolia or Xinjiang.

China Development Bank is basically Chen Feng’s ATM when he does his “paired spiritual cultivation”, one word from Wang Jian and they could issue several checks, and make dozens of companies cook the books among themselves. How many officers in the Sanya police department really committed suicide, and how many of them got silenced for good? It’s just that ordinary people don’t know. This is not just a demonic corporate group, nor is it something like the “Painted Skin” short story from “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio”. The CCP is transforming China into a real-life version of Hell on Earth.

1:00:04-Wang Qishan’s inauguration as the Vice President and all of his deeds are just the tip of an iceberg, much of this “international blockbuster” is still yet to come. Of the wealthy elites near the Central Park of New York City, the most powerful are Wang Qishan, Tian Guoli, Tian Huiyu, Chen Feng, Chen Guoqing, Wang Jian, Sun Yao, Guan Yun, Liu Chengjie and many relatives of the Central Politburo of the CCP. Everything that happens in America, such as manipulation of the stock market, gold price, and oil prices, I can go on for days telling their stories.

1:00:07-Eventually there will be a war between the CCP and the USA, and the outcome is that either the CCP or the Chinese people will be destroyed. This will definitely not just about overthrowing the CCP or letting the CCP continue to have its way with us. The CCP will be brought to an end, it is only a matter of time.

1:00:9-Over the past few millennia, the divine punishment against the Chinese was to give us the Communist Party. Because of our weakness and selfishness, we have crossed paths with the worst demon known to man. 1.4 billion people have been played to such an extent, yet still not waking up. With or without whistleblowing, the CCP will collapse, the only difference is how big of a price we Chinese people have to pay.

1:16:00-This afternoon the two presidents of RoL Foundation will have a meeting with me to propose the plan to destroy the CCP in 2020. We must spend all the money in the RoL Foundation before October 2020, we will make a detailed announcement. We must make the West gradually start paying attention to HNA, Wang Qishan, Guan Jun, etc. We will start extensive investigation in the West and provide evidence to the local governments and judicial departments. Miles is both very grateful and very resolute.

1:20:20-Everyone who follows Miles has a mission. Do not think about or envy those kleptocrats, the are demons among men. There is felicity to be found in the ordinary, one must be grateful to the heavens, and must view religion from a new perspective. Everything about the CCP is deceptive, only fruitions (of one’s deeds) are real.

1:24:20- Miles is waiting for Hong Kong’s actions and CCP’s actions in Hong Kong. Those who do not stand with Hong Kong aren’t normal. Hong Kongers are extremely wise, (they know) if they don’t resist, they will be played until their rotten deaths. Miles mentioned a video of a conversation between an actress and two people, they were saying that this other person has a nice little sister, and a nice mom and every woman of that family were abused. (in a joking tone) Bruno Wu is having a tough time, before his wife Yang Lan could file a lawsuit, she must first provide a report of her medical examination.

Bruno Wu(left), Yang Lan(right)

1:28:18-In a normal country, political power cannot be privatized, and (private) properties cannot be made public. The Founder Group is the number one fraud in the Chinese financial sector, Peking University is no different from a whorehouse, a training camp for con artists, and the origin of internet surveillance and censorship.  The Founder Group is involved in financial fraud in the trillion (RMB) levels. No one has gotten to the bottom of the Peking University Founder Group story yet.

1:31:20-Chen Feng’s Harvard speech was not just full of bragging, he had actual backing. Cracking open the skull of his good buddy Wang Jian was not something everyone had the chance to enjoy. Chen Feng can mobilize any government official in Hainan Province, no one knows how many were tortured and killed by him. Even many foreigners got abused so badly that their bodies and minds were beyond repair.

1:35:00-In the future, whistleblowing media will become very powerful. Any story exposed could be bigger than the Watergate scandal, great media entities will be created.

  Xi does not have true control over those military generals.

(The End)


Chinese Summary by GM56

Translated by GM54, WenCha

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