Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/13/2019

The infighting within the CCP right now is very intense
01:43– Wang Qishan’s undergoing kidney transplant at this point definitely means he is out of options. Previously, his four major principles regarding Hong Kong and choosing to have his transplant operation in Canton Province both have profound political significance. He has not attended any meetings at Politburo lately.
02:49–The most recent series of Lude’s programs has been very difficult for Wang to deal with.
I just obtained an intel that Wang will make a public appearance, either today or tomorrow.
The propaganda was exactly the same when Mao Zedong had fights with Liu Shaoqi and Lin Biao.
04:00–Everyone has been reading too much into Xi’s promotion of those military generals, the CCP only promote military officers to generals for two reasons: after Oct 1st military parade and after a shift in “dynasties”. There is a deep connection between Xi’s delaying the promotion of military generals and Wang’s kidney transplant. This shows that the infighting within the CCP right now is very intense.
06:38–Currently, the CCP’s military is under the control of Xu Qiliang, and most of the newly promoted generals are definitely from the Air Force. This will definitely lead to mental instability, uneven wealth distribution, and insecurity within the military.

Wang Jian’s death is the fourth way of death.
08:45–The death of Wang Jian was definitely not homicide, suicide or accidental, it was the fourth way to die, which is rare for humans. Pay special attention to the younger brother of Wang Jian’s wife, Huang Fang, the casino tycoon of Hong Kong and Macao, Lui Che-woo, and Stanley Ho’s 4th wife.
11:21– Just before Wang Jian died, he took all the valuable items in his office with him, sent out over 7000 messages to arrange and coordinate many unfinished businesses, including his lady confident, the younger brother of Huang Fang, and communicated back and forth with many incumbent top government officials in China.
13:05–While Wang Jian was still alive, he signed an After Death Compensation Agreement with Chen Feng, but it was not followed through after his death. Many overseas companies controlled by Wang Jian are still active, including some clubs. Zhou Bin’s role was re-arranged after the death of Wang Jian and the 19th National Congress.
14:26– Two of the best criminal prosecutors specialized in homicide were dumbfounded after seeing the confidential core files of the death of Wang Jian. His death may very well cause a great change in the political landscape of America.
15:18–From the insider information I obtained on the day before yesterday, the intensity of the struggle between Xi and Wang far exceeds that between Mao Zedong – Liu Shaoqi and Mao Zedong – Lin Biao. At last, I have come to know why our Whistleblowing Revolution made Wang Qishan panic.
16:20–Wang Qishan is far more vicious than we have imagined, and Xi is out of his league. Xi is just a toy in Wang’s hand, people around Xi have no clue of the peril they and their families are in, all members of the CCP will never believe that they were completely controlled by Wang Qishan over the last decade. To Xi, Wang is definitely the equivalent of Zhao Gao of the Qin Dynasty.
17:21–Last night a senior leader called, and told me Wang Qishan is a king, half of the world belongs to him, and that I should pull back. I replied, the democracy and freedom of America are not perfect, but it is just.

Wang Qishan is operating a massive demonic mechanism and is attempting to shroud the West
19:23–When day turns into night in America, power is handed over to Communist China. The vast majority of the CCP’s members are enslaved imps, above the imps are demons, and above the demon is the devil, and that devil really is Wang Qishan. In the darkness of the night, Wang Qishan is operating a massive demonic mechanism and is attempting to shroud the West in eternal darkness.
20:14–The Whistleblowing exposé Revolution on HNA, Wang Qishan, Chen Feng, etc. will trigger humanity’s greatest military, political and geopolitical revolution.
21:23–The core of our mission is to spread the truth of the crisis in Hong Kong, we stand united with our Hong Kong compatriots.

Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by GM54
Posted by GM10

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