13-year-old Hong Kong Girl Sentenced to Yearlong Probation Order: Burning Chinese National Flag

A 13-year-old girl was given a probation order of 12 months for burning a China National flag outside Tune Mun City Hall. She was convicted of “Flag Desecration” a few weeks earlier and was sentenced at the Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Juvenile Court on December 13.

Photo from TVB live

During the ruling, Magistrate Kelly Shui pointed out that the report of the probation officer showed a positive profile. In fact, the 13-year-old was not the “arrogant delinquent” the judge had thought of. Since the social unrest is still ongoing, the magistrate reminded the accused it was “very dangerous to act upon others’ influence and mimic what others are doing without thinking”, and that it’s also foolish to be impulsive and not consider the consequences of her actions.

The judge told the girl that she should know some people are losing their freedom over what has happened, and she must exert self-control and think before she acts. Shui gave the stern warning that whatever her opinion on the society might be, she should not have burnt that national flag as “it hurts the feelings of the Chinese people”.

Shui also mentioned that the court could not lessen the sentence just because the accused was young, insisted the court needed to act upon its duty. The Magistrate also considered putting the accused in custody if she was older.

During the early trials, the Magistrate made several comments regarding the accused’s failed grade on Chinese History at school, claiming that the accused’s actions were related, “She should read more about Chinese History, understand the advancement of the Chinese race over the years”.

Source: Stand News


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Dec. 13, 2019