Beautiful Life – Thank the USA for the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act

When survivors from Nazi concentration camps were released in 1944, they tried to tell the world the atrocities they experienced. Yet people did not believe them. What they told the world was too horrific for people to believe. Common decencies in normal people made them reject the existence of pure evil.
Who could have thought such evil is rising again right in front of our eyes? Yet that is exactly what the Uygher people in Xinjiang are experiencing.
They were incarcerated, starved, brain-washed, tortured, then slaughtered.
Their organs were harvested alive. Women were raped. Children were taken away from their parents. Husbands and wives cannot stay together. Their livelihood is devastated. They were treated like bugs, could be crushed any moment under this dictatorship.
There is no freedom, let alone the freedom to believe.
Fortunately, the world is finally waking up. Thank the USA for the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act. The righteous people around the world will unite in the fight against evil and save Xinjiang.

【Himalaya Hawk Squad】

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