Opinion: Communist China’s Evil Education System

Under the education system of the Communist Party of China, it is impossible to cultivate people capable of independent thinking and the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood. As a student of an elite tier college of the Communist Party of China, I deeply understand this after almost 16 years of school.

Mandatory Political Courses

In CCP universities, there are always four compulsory classes — Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism, Overview of Modern Chinese History, and Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation. These four courses must be passed in order to graduate, this is the rule, this is the requirement. Leaving aside modern history, ideology and morality for a moment — an entire nation, an entire people has gone so far as to regard a person’s thoughts as sacred scripture, asking every college student in the country to learn so-called “advanced thinking”, how ridiculous is that!? I ask, can you find a country in the world that writes a person’s point of view in textbooks and makes students memorize and recite them for exams? The CCP likes to smear people who love liberty and democracy the most. I ask, is it considered fraternizing with the West and consorting with outsiders to put a foreign national’s ideology into the heads of these future flowers of the motherland? The CCP likes to defame the warriors fighting for democracy and freedom as colluding with external forces. I ask, does it count as colluding with external forces for the CCP to accept Soviet aid during Kuomintang’s time ruling as a legitimate government?

It is the brainwashing of the CCP, through the colleges and universities it controls, through the intimidation and temptation of not letting you graduate, making us learn its ideas and indoctrination, forcing us to accept its views, that led to the existence of so many Little Reds(note: spontaneous Wumao, heavily brainwashed people) who don’t know the truth. And this sort of poison is deeply ingrained. Even in foreign countries, there are still Little Reds. Its thinking has been solidified, and it cannot tolerate any universal values, nor a bit of real advanced thinking. The exams for these four courses have outlines and standard answers. Each student must answer in accordance with the standard answers. In order to obtain grade points and not to fail subjects, they must memorize and complete the exams as prescribed.

When we were taking this course, the teacher’s lectures always end up relating to the United States. First, he will criticize the United States in order to prove the superiority of the socialist society of China. They always need to smear others in order to prove that they themselves are clean. I ask, where are the four “confidences” of the CCP? They taught us history, and only later did I learn that it was all made up. These forged history narratives are used to prove the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party, and to prove the gangster-like rule that ‘the strong eat the weak’ and that whoever comes to power is the boss.

The CCP relies on these political classes to brainwash the new students who have just entered school, and we still have to attend military training in our freshman year of college. We always had to accept the party’s education classes, always had to imagine the United States as the enemy. During military training, we continuously shouted slogans to stir up the atmosphere and stimulate our patriotic enthusiasm. I felt so moved and indignant at the time, and now when I think about it, I pity my ignorance then. After the dark senior year of high school, in order to avoid letting us get “lured away by incorrect values” after our sudden release, the CCP brainwashes you through military training, political lessons, party lessons, and all sorts of Communist-themed activities. Who still has the power to think independently, and to discern right from wrong? In our minds, it was already established. “The US Imperialists’ intentions of destroying us never dies” “Universal values instigate riots” “Be vigilant for the resurgence of Japanese militarism” “The Chinese Communist Party is always great and glorious and right” and so on, all of which have already been deeply imprinted in our hearts.

How pathetic!

Headache-inducing exams

Furthermore, CCP’s education system is always exam-oriented, with big exams and small exams. Teachers desperately rush through the class materials, and then students go through the problems in the exercise books. There is almost no discussion in class, no free and open environments like those of western universities because the exams give us no time or energy to think. Everything is based on exams. Especially the senior year of high school, that kind of depressive environment, that kind of psychological pressure, the expectations of teachers and parents for you to enter university, and the pressure of comparison among the students, if you couldn’t stand it, you might do irrational things. I was in poor health at the time, I couldn’t sleep well, but I still had to take exams! Does this kind of education that makes you take exams every day still give you room to think independently?

Learning is no longer based on interests, but for the sake of fame and fortune. Everyone competes with their bodies and their minds to be superior to others in grades. But this all has a price. It ruins your health and your youth. In my city, I’ve heard of suicides at different universities. The people who do this because they can’t bear the pressure because their grades weren’t satisfactory, it is heartbreaking! But the fault is not in them. It is in this education system. We see that some people are smart and have good grades, and they get into good universities, but how many more people are unable to achieve this? Some people are good at studying, or they are suited for this major, but some people are not, and they still had to take exams, still had to get good grades. Who can bear this? Our university also has a sign-in system (presumably many universities have them), and your points will be deducted if you do not sign in. If you come from a place of interest, if the class is taught very well, is it still necessary to sign in? Are they afraid no one will go? Examinations have become merely a way to manage, all to get a diploma. Who really cares about politics and what’s happening in the world?

Like testing for English by memorizing words and learning grammar, but how many Chinese can speak fluent English, how many Chinese understand the culture of English-speaking countries? English becomes no longer a language with which to communicate, but an exam to pass, a ticket to graduation. If after 13 years of study you still have problems in basic communication, doesn’t this prove that the method and purpose of this type of learning are wrong? Why is it that we still can’t integrate with the world even after learning English? And there are grade four and grade six and these ridiculous certificates. Can these so-called certificates improve our English? And how much income have these certificates brought to the education department?

Industrialization of the education system

Now not only high school students, even elementary school students, and even kindergartens can’t afford to lose at the starting line. There are countless interest classes and tutoring classes, but in the end, it’s still difficult to get a world-class master or a Nobel Prize winner. How many Nobel Prize owners does Japan have? At the time, we mocked them and vowed “30 Nobel Prizes in 50 years,” and now it feels shameful to even think about it. Why is that? How do they train their students? How much energy have they invested in their education? They are meticulous and considerate of their students. Here in Communist China, it has become an industry. Everything is for money, and these tutoring classes make a lot of money in it, but it is the children who are victimized, and it is the future of the motherland that is harmed. I remember it very well. In high school, there were school selection fees, expansion of enrollment fees, materials fees, and fees for books. Aren’t these all ways to scam money under the guise of free education?

Education isn’t all about the schools. Look at how many libraries there are in the United States, its books, its equipment, and its environment. This is really doing education. Not only are good schools in China lacking, but libraries are also lacking. Many students don’t go to the library during their vacations, they’re shopping, they’re playing games. This kind of educational environment can’t be compared with the West. Why is that? Because the construction of these libraries has to be deducted from financial expenditures, it is better to build some majestic municipal buildings and arrange more office beds. The CCP’s education is no longer for the cultivation of talents, but for business and sales.

Of course, under this type of educational system, some students come out of it lacking even basic moral qualities, and this education will also give birth to various so-called “professors”. I have heard that some professors keep the funds provided by the state and don’t to do projects for students, some professors form cliques and factions, some professors have faked their thesis because there are requirements for the dissertation every year. Some people don’t really want to write, or even don’t know how to write, so it’s not a surprise that there are frauds. And all of the professors must listen to the party and obey the core values ​​of socialism. Under such a framework, how can the professor still have room for independent thinking, and how can he bring up good students? These “professors” only have interest, money, and power in their eyes, completely in the style of the Communist Party.

Chinese have a future only without the CCP

The education of the Communist Party of China is to serve the party. It is to restrain the free-thinking of students and to give birth to “false, big, and empty” products. Is this a problem with the Chinese race? We look at Hongkongers and Taiwanese with democracy. Aren’t these all yellow-skinned people? Don’t they all have the blood of the Chinese people running through their veins? They are the elites under the education system of the West, the pride of the Chinese people, and they also prove that the problem isn’t with our genes, and we aren’t born “stealing, lying, and robbing.” The problem is with the education system, the problem is with the CCP, a criminal and evil organization. Under a system with the rule of law, a society with democracy and freedom, China will produce a million Elon Musks and a million Kyle Basses. Only by toppling the Communist Party will our education have a future. Everything has only just begun!

The above content only represents the author’s personal opinion.

Translator: Yuma
Editor: GM09
Souce: GNews-CN

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