Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying Called US Ambassador “Too Stupid”

Q: Yesterday a foreign journalist asked here about the Chinese ambassador to Denmark threatening Faroe Islands on Huawei 5G equipment. Has the Danish government clarified this with China?

A: Yes, the Danish side has told China explicitly that recent reports are not fully truthful. We note that the Danish foreign minister told Danish media yesterday that press indication that the Danish Foreign Ministry has told the Faroe Islands Government that it would be best not to choose Huawei as a supplier of 5G networks is not correct. The telecommunications area is a home-grown area. Therefore, the choice of 5G supplier lies with the Faroe Islands themselves. Mutual respect and international rules is the basis for Danish foreign policy. That is how Denmark works with other countries and how it works with China, with which it has a good partnership.

Faroe Islands Government Prime Minister and Foreign Minister also said to the press that they have not felt threatened or pressured in exchanges with China. Conversations with the Chinese ambassador are good and constructive on the basis of mutual respect. Many party leaders and the public in Faroe Islands see the US ambassador’s open efforts against cooperation between Faroe Islands and Huawei as deeply inappropriate. Faroe islands is small, but it won’t succumb to US pressure and let it swing its independent decision-making.

Perhaps you still remember that lately, US ambassadors to Denmark and Germany made open threats on relevant countries’ cooperation with China, drawing strong protest in the two countries. China will never do that. We stand ready to work with Denmark to deepen political mutual trust, strengthen practical cooperation, and in the spirit of equality and mutual respect, promote our mutually-beneficial cooperation.

Q: Australia Arthur Culvahouse said in an interview on December 13 that Uighur community in Australia is being monitored and harassed by foreign agents. There’s fake police cars with Chinese police logos parked outside their residences. They are being punished for any time they express their concerns about how their community is being treated. The Chinese government is responsible for this and there should be consequences. What’s your comment?

A: I wonder what you make of this report? It’s so laughable for me anyway. Is Chinese police too silly? Australian police too incompetent? Or this US ambassador too stupid? He claims Chinese police travel far away across the sea to threaten Uighurs with fake police cars parked outside their residences. Come on, even the worst screenwriter in Hollywood will do better than this.

A word of advice: Even if driven out of mind by attempts to defame China, please use the brain a little bit. Otherwise such tale will only end up as another laughing stock.

New Source : Website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

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