Highlight of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 09/12/2019

The shorts that Wang was wearing when he died can uncover a lot of hidden information.
06:24—Miles told the story of when he was held in custody for his support for the student protesters in 1989. He said that he had seen many people die of execution, drug addiction, and AIDS, which made him not afraid of the dead bodies.
09:59–Wang’s family felt extremely sad after witnessing pictures of his dead body. For legal reasons we will have to limit what pictures we can show to the public.
12:05–Miles had moved many friends of Wang by relentlessly pursuing Wang’s case even after the world seems to have forgotten about it. November 20th, 2018 came as a wake-up call for many, and they all wish Miles can get to the bottom of this and find out who really murdered Wang.
14:3–Chen Feng ordered to have part of Wang’s family’s real estate seized; CCP officials regard Wang and his family as threats, many of Wang’s friends begged Miles to lend a helping hand to Huang Fang and her son.
16:20–Tian Ding was wearing Wang’s polo at the crime scene where Wang died. Wang’s short can reveal very important information. Miles again expressed his wish that Huang Fang came out of the dark and cooperate with US law enforcement.

Wang Qishan murdered Wang Jian because he wants to take over all of the wealth that he stole from the Chinese people which Wang Jian had been managing for him.
19:55–Wang Qishan is 100% the real owner of HNA. Guan Jun is an illegitimate child of Wang Qishan and Sun Yao is his adopted daughter. Liu Chengjie is the illegitimate child of someone who is even more important than Wang Qishan. They are the kleptocrats secretly running China and enslaving the Chinese people.
21:16–This is the first time that the public had seen an actual picture of Wang Jian’s dead body. Wang Jian is a “white glove” of Wang Qishan with a personal net worth reaching trillions of dollars, yet not even him can escape the claws of the CCP. For all of CCP’s running dogs, this how you would end up if you keep selling out your soul to the evil CCP.
24:42–Tian Ding had sent over 200 messages on his phone, reporting many times that “the mission is successfully completed”; 5 billion USD was swiftly transferred from Wang Jian’s account to Wang Qishan’s adopted daughter’s account after Wang Jian’s death. But the money belongs to neither of them, it belongs to the Chinese people who have put their life savings in Chinese banks. Wang Jian died because of this fortune, another proof of the CCP’s evil.
27:11–Miles and his team paid a hefty price to get their hands on this extremely valuable information. Many people from inside the CCP who worked with Miles had disappeared. These people gave up their lives to have these evidence surface out of the darkness, not to mention the tremendous amount of money and effort involved.

Hua Bin is the evil mastermind behind this murderous plan. Zhou Tiantian is an accomplice in assisting the murder. Wang Qishan recently had another kidney transplant.
28:29–Miles reminds us to not forget the grave price that many, including Miles himself, had paid for supporting the Expose Revolution. Miles and those people deserve our respect and they all have but one goal: to save the private entrepreneurs of China and to guard the dignity of every human life in China.
31:54–Miles said that all of those people who attack him and the Expose Revolution are driven by nothing more than money. For as long as the CCP still exists, everyone sooner or later will end up like Wang Jian.
34:26–About 600 pictures and around 20 thousand SMS messages relating to Wang Jian’s death will be gradually released to the public.
39:00–Miles exposed that Hua Bin is the evil masterminds behind this murder and that Zhou Tiantian is an accomplice. He also told us that Wang Jian fought three men before he was put down and murdered by them. Wang Jian was still alive with tears falling out of his eyes while they hurried to put his body in the body bag.
54:24–No matter how respected and powerful Wang Jian might have been while he was alive, he sure resents the horrific death that he suffered. His spirit will not forgive anyone of the people involved with his murder, because that is not a way how any human should die.
56:14—Awaiting those hypocrites working abroad for the CCP and pretending to support democracy is the same fate suffered by Wang Jian.
57:58—Wang Jian was murdered by people closest to him. It is not at all an exaggeration to say that Wang Jian was buried alive. On his leg, there were many marks of toxic needle penetration.
62:27—Wang Qishan went to Guangzhou to receive another kidney transplant. Guangzhou and Hainan are Wang Qishan’s headquarters and he has deployed troops along the coastal line to guard his safety.
65:34—It might seem like that Zhou Tiantian, after murdering Wang Jian, is living quite a wealthy and affluent life. But because she built her fortune on others’ misfortune, she is nothing more than a walking dead without soul and consciousness.
68:27—None of Wang Jian’s family or friends cared to investigate his death. Instead, it is Miles and his team who led the investigation and uncovered the truth.
70:25—Miles questioned whether Xi Jinping feels horrified to be working with people as ruthless as Wang Qishan.
72:50—Miles said yesterday one of his friends told him that “I would rather sell off my assets for dirty cheap and relieve myself of the CCP’s control than risking to suffer the fate of accidental death’ by CCP.”
75:50–Miles said that some of the most shockings things about Wang Jian’s death were Wang’s tears on his face while he was put into the body bag and the injuries on his body. Yet despite this irrefutable evidence of an apparent murder, Hu Shuli (Founder & Publisher of Caixin Media) still claims that Wang Jian died because he fell off a cliff while attempting to take a selfie.
78:01—Wang Jian’s swollen genital is the result of the beating he had suffered while he was murdered. Chen Feng had made an arrangement with the Embassy at Marseille to cover up the murder while his friend Hua Bin transferred all of the assets under Wang Jian’s name. Wang’s wife not only stayed shy of questioning his death but even went as far as helping the murderer to forge evidence.

Miles, as the only person who is determined to investigate the murder, had suffered unspeakable persecutions by the CCP. And yet the real murderers stay unpunished.
80:30–To help investigate Wang Jian’s death, Miles had his assets seized, his building Pangu taken away, and his team suffering the CCP’s persecution. Yet in contrast to this, none of the murderers suffered any repercussions for their sins. If this is not the surest proof of the CCP’s evil, what is? Justice will never see the light of day for as long as the CCP remains in power!
83:11–Liang Guanjun will suffer the same fate as Wang Jian. Hua Bin is a professional spy who used the BGY plan to bribe and collude with the entire France Justice system. Chen Feng took advantage of Wang Jian’s son and widow after Wang Jian passed away, how heinous!
94:01—Miles will soon be exposing scandals involving Zhou Yongkang on GTV.
96:35—Miles told us that Xi Jinping is not aware of the documents related to Wang Jian’s death even though that Wang Qishan and Tian Guoli had seen them. Miles said that he will let the evidence speak for itself and show the world that Chen Feng is a heartless liar.
105:23—Miles also said that everyone who attempted to stand in his way during last year’s Nov. 20 news conference suffered repercussions for their actions. He warned everyone to not get fooled by the short-term benefits offered by the CCP that you lose track of a greater future – one without CCP and fear. Wang Jian’s today is your tomorrow, and the only way out is to stand with Miles and overthrow this tyrannical regime.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-qPMeR4jsE&list=PLZqCAvj8sn1wakcIL–qiwEdKjG-faJNn&index=2&t=5s

Chinese summary by GM56
Translated by GM62
Posted by GM10

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