A Hong Kong District Councilor Was Refused Entry Into the Mainland

December 11 — Hong Kong District Councilor Chow Wai-Hung was refused entry into the mainland when he went to Guangzhou today to attend the funeral of a relative. Border police said he posed a threat to China’s national security and was later repatriated to Hong Kong.

Mr. Chow is a councilor of the Kwai Tsing District of Hong Kong. He is regarded as a moderate councilor and pro-democracy. He has been successfully re-elected in the just-ended elections last month. He had been to Guangzhou in October this year, so it was very bizarre why he was refused entry this time. The reason was ridiculous, which was claimed as a threat to China’s national security. He even was taken to a room for a search.

Mr. Chow himself expressed anger and disappointment.


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Dec. 11, 2019