Highlights of Miles Guo’s First Live Broadcast on 12/09/2019

A lot of people want to do away with the CCP, and they have come to Miles for his help in liquidating Chinese assets for foreign cash.
07:00—Most of China’s trade and money transfers go through Hong Kong. The CCP made a grave mistake to brutely assault the Hong Kong people. Everyone who has contacted Miles for his help is supporters of the Hong Kong movement. Miles also commented that the Hong Kong revolution is only at the beginning of a long journey to freedom. Many people want to do away with the CCP and cash out on their Chinese business. Many companies have gone through various crises before, but it is not until recently that they fully grasped the CCP’s evil and decided to cash out.

Miles’ Gpost account was hacked
11:00—The reason that Miles’ Gpost account posted a message asking for bitcoin donations is that his account was temporarily hacked. There are three suspects for this hacking:

  1. Yang Jian’ao and his accomplices, Han Mei and Gao Binchen, all located in Canada. We have people monitor their every move in Canada.
  2. Wei Shi ( Meng Weican) from Boxun and his accomplices are the head of the biggest hacking organization in the U.S.. They collude with Wu Zheng (Bruno Wu) to hack and collect the personal info of our supporters. It is very likely that Wei Shi and Xiong Xianmin are behind the fake-news about me and the bitcoin scam.
  3. There is another suspect, but Miles decided to leave him out for now.

Miles pledged to never ask for donations and clarified that donations to the Rule of Law Foundation are used to fight against the CCP and assist those persecuted by the CCP.

16:00—Miles calls upon everyone to trust the legal system in the U.S. and not the individuals. He also encouraged everyone who has been scammed by people like Guo Baosheng and Xia Yeliang to take legal action and sue them in court.
20:40—If you are inquiring about a transaction less than 10 million Yuan please do not contact Miles. He will also not reply to your inquiry if you do not prove information on your identity and credibility or that you are just consulting and have no intention of actually making a transaction. Miles plans to help get around 500 billion USD worth of assets transferred out of China before the Spring Festival and noted that it will have a devastating effect on the CCP’s fake economy.
23:55—It is important to keep paying attention to Hong Kong. Miles predicted that something big will happen in Hong Kong and encouraged everyone to pay attention to Hong Kong on December 12.

Miles expressed his support to Iron Man and highly complimented Iron Man.
24:32–Miles received a lot of messages criticizing him for being biased to favor Iron Man. His response is as follows: Iron Man is the sharpest, most responsive, most efficient, most pragmatic young man that Miles has seen. He wholeheartedly wishes people like Iron Man would prosper and be successful.

27:56—Miles said that his secret in maintaining good relationships with his family is mutual respect.

29:48—Miles has been so busy that he rarely has time to tend to his family and friends. He told the story of how one of his friend’s children came to New York and asked him about discounts at Hermes stores. Instead of discounts Miles simply paid for the purchase. Miles compare that kid’s action to Iron Man and vividly explained why Iron Man is far more mature and capable.

The Expose Revolution is not simply a media platform but a campaign to exterminate the CCP. New progress will soon be made regarding Wang Jian’s murder.
31:45—Miles receives all kinds of information exposing the CCP’s corruption but he will only use those he views as important and will pay for the information. The rest of Miles’ information has been his own experience and knowledge. All of his “corruption-exposing” have but one purpose and that is to completely exterminate the CCP.
33:40—Miles said that new investigations into the Wang Jian case will soon develop progress. It will show the world how the CCP slaughters ruthlessly even its own “white gloves”, and how the CCP uses coercion to threaten the families of those it wants to take out. He again warns Huang Fang, Wang Jian’s wife, to stop being a coward and that the only way to guarantee safety for her and her son is to cooperate with law enforcement.

Chinese summary by GM56
Translated by Little Prince
Posted by GM10

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