Hong Kong Police Sexual Violence: Nazi Behavior

The Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women conducted a questionnaire survey regarding sexual violence during the Anti-ELAB movement. Of those surveyed, 67 reported sexual violence at the hands of the police; very few of them chose to report the incidents to police.

Hong Kong Human Rights Watch states that they would seek help from United Nations experts regarding these cases, and would submit a report on the situation in Hong Kong. The police have not yet commented on the association’s findings.

The actual situation may be much worse. According to Mr. Guo Wen-Gui’s disclosure, some student protesters in Hong Kong cried to him about sexual violence by the police. The Hong Kong police raped and sodomized student protesters, and performed Nazi rites during the violence, while shouting: “Chairman Xi, we have revenge for you”.

This is a stark-naked Nazi behavior, hoping to be thoroughly investigated by an independent international investigative agency.

Source: RTHK


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Dec. 10, 2019